Whats the best way to treat Cypress outdoors?

av8rMay 2, 2013

Our back porch (1000sf) has beaded board tongue and groove cypress ceiling. There are also 8-12x12 large cypress rough cut posts. The house was built 2 years ago and we are not sure what the painter stained/treated them with but the posts especially had mildewed so badly that you could no longer see the wood grain and the ceiling also had started mildewing on many boards in several places. I used Jomax/bleach to clean off the mildew and used a pressure washer to rinse. I did not notice any beading of water anywhere. The color lightened a little but still looks pretty good. We would prefer a dull natural finish opposed to a shiny finish. What should I do with this now to try to prevent mildew and/or make it easier to clean next time? A sealer or a stain/sealer? What brand? Oil base? Water base? Unbelievably I really cant find a whole lot of consistent info online. Thanks in advance.

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Cypress is generally a mold/decay resistant wood if left natural. I would be curious with what he put on it to possible make this happen?

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I'm not sure what he put on and of course he is nowhere to be found. Any suggestions as to what to do at this point?

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Sophie Wheeler

Cypress left on it's own will weather a nice natural gray. That's a red flag if you're dealing with mold and mildew. The wood may not actually be cypress. Or you may have a much worse problem than a cosmetic issue. Something is wrong here. A covered porch shouldn't be having any mold or mildew issues even if the wood wasn't a rot resistant variety. You've got some type of moisture infiltration problem that needs to be diagnosed before you worry about treating the wood that's there. Look to the flashing for the roof being done correctly as the first suspect. I have a 30 year old shed addition to our barn where the PO used plain old interior grade studs to support the metal shed roof. It's been mostly fine, except for the carpenter bees. Never molded or mildewed. I'm sure the PO did some type of ground treatment for termites though, as otherwise it wouldn't have lasted that long without the wood itself being treated.

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