replacing exterior window sills

wildturkey450May 3, 2009

I would like to replace an exterior custom made window sill which has too much rot to repair. I have visited numerous web sites for instruction how to do this but for a novice like myself, they are confusing. Some go so far to state that the interior sill and trim must also be removed which seems unnecessary to me, particularly since the face of the interior trim is flush with the plaster (the way they did it in the colonial days)and would cause untold destruction to the plaster. Does anyone have any good reference(s) to help me replace a window sill? Pictures would be most helpful.

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Pictures of your window would be helpful, too. The sill is the bottom of the rectangular frame of the window. It's a single piece of wood that goes pretty much all the way through the wall. It is integral to the window, not a piece you can easily pry off and replace. You may be able to cut away and replace just part of the sill, depending on how extensive the rot is, but it's tough to say whether this is feasible without seeing the problem. Replacing the whole sill is not a novice-level project.

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