antiquing Fir Beams and tng

Faerie2May 24, 2011

Hi, I am thinking of applying the desired stain first, then mixing paint glazes to achieve color and distress in fir beams and rafters, etc...

I understand that fir can blacken without uv, it will be for an outdoor poolside kitchen. Can I apply my uv varnish when everything is installed and finished?

Also would it be easier to match the tng when installed, to avoid lifting and dust?

tng is 700sq.ft.. I have done many cieling murals, I think it might be cleaner and easier...??

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Antique or distress the first, then apply a stain that lets the wood grain show if possible. Black is a problem. Avoid paint if at all possible.
Then use marine spar varnish,low sheen. You will need to reapply every 2 to 4 years.

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