Water-based poly on Douglas fir

mtnlawMay 7, 2009

I ordered Doug fir trim for our new house to blend with the fir post & beam timberframing. I had a company prefinish it with a water-based poly called Durathane. I have a couple of questions about this.

First: I was a bit disappointed in the trim as it is not as deep rosy/red as the timbers. I know Doug fir darkens with exposure to light and the timbers have indeed darkened since the framing was done months ago. Bu the trim is almost pine-looking it is so light. SOme of it does have some darker grain. Some is vertical grain and some is flat grain. I could not afford all CVG, or clear vertical grain which is ridiculously expensive. Anyway, my first question is: will water-based poly impede the darkening process? I don't want it to. I did read somewhere that an oil-based stain or finish will darken it more than water-based.

Second question: is there any product I can use to apply over the poly to give the wood a darker look but still show the grain? I tried Minwax polyshades but that stuff looks crappy and is hard to apply evenly. I've also tried Zar Plus which is a poly/stain mix and it looks better but not great.

Thanks for any info.

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Even though your existing finish is "Water-based poly" it may be a bit of a misnomer. I would be leery about applying an oil-based poly over the top without running some tests.

You can get the finish darker by glazing -- using a water-based glaze, then applying more Durathane.

You are smart to avoid the 'all-in-one' products such as Polyshades.

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Bobs - thanks for the feedback. I'm not familiar with glaze. I'll do a search, but in the meantime, what is it and do you know where I would find it?

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"I'm not familiar with glaze."

Dye or pigment added to a clear finish produces a glaze.

It is a slightly tinted finish that can be applied to darken the final appearance.

It has been used to color sapwood, change the appearance of finishes, etc.

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