Anderson casements hard to open/close

breenthumbAugust 12, 2008

Anderson windows are 15 yrs. old and very hard cranking--some worse than others. A few open only part way and I need to either go outside and push or remove screen and pull to close them. Plus there is a rubber piece on bottom of hinge that sits so firmly against the frame on some that physically pulling on the window is the only way to close it.

Any suggestions for a fix without getting involved with Anderson? Can't even tell if its the hinges or the crank. This is an estate I will be selling shortly and need everything working. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Sandy

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you would be surprised how much something like wd40 works. I would try that on all the mechanical hinges and cranks after vacuuming out any bugs or dust.

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The cause of this is that the tracks get gummed up with dirt. Don't use wd40, this is probably the reason your having the problem. The dust will stick to wd40 and gum it up worse. After you scub the tracks out with soapy water use a dry lube or silicone spray.

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Thanks. I've taken all the screens out to clean outside and I'm cleaning the entire windows including all hinges. In the first room hinges were really filthy but I finally got them clean. The others were easier to clean but harder to crank.

I'll try the Silicone. Any ideas about that sticking rubber piece on the bottom of hinges? Thank you, Sandy

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The black part on the bottom and the white at the top of the hinge are the glides that hold the sash on the track. Lube these up as well as the track and you'll be amazed on how good they will glide after applying the dry lube. Most hardware stores have dry lube and I've even seen it at Walmart. Also Andersen has a care and maintenance guide that you can download on there website under the service category. Good luck

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Ah, now we're getting somewhere. I'll get dry lube on my way over there and check out the Anderson website tonight. Many thanks, Sandy

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They're working great! Had no idea that rubber was attached to a track. And hadn't even noticed the white one up top.

Those little tracks were full of stuff--dead bees, tiny pieces of plaster or stones etc. After cleaning I slid the tube from the silicone spray can right into the track and lubed the track and hinges, top and bottom. Worked them back and forth a few times and they're working better than ever.

I do like the idea of dry lube better though. Just didn't have time to stop for it. I'll get some to finish the rest of the windows. Thanks for the help, bosque1. Sandy

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