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LetaJMay 3, 2012


The previous owners of our home built a screened in porch as an addition to the house. They sandwiched the screens between wood frames. We were dog sitting and the dog went through one of the screens and ripped it out of the frame. I thought it would be an easy fix, just remove one half of the frame, replace the screen fabric and put the frame back on. Except, after they built the porch and installed the screens, they poly'd everything as a whole unit. The frames are firmly glued together.

Short of taking a crow bar and prying them apart (and then damaging the wood, and having to rebuild), does anyone have a solution of how I can get them apart?

As a whole, it needs to be sanded, it is peeling everywhere on the outside portion of the structure (porch side seems fine still) and retreated with something better. But first, I have to fix the screens.

Thank you for your time and advice!

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Aside from cutting each joint and rippin each piece thru a table saw i think rebuilding is easier. But im sure someone else has more ideas. Sorry.

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you can route out the back side, replace screen material and then make a piece of stop or trim too cover. that will look like the original.

or you can make stop or trim and do it to all of the screens (which should of been done in the first place) then they would all look the same.

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Do you think a Dremel would work to separate the wood?

I thought about ripping all the screens out and routing a channel (although I am not sure how) all the way around so I could just use the rubber screen stuff (can you tell that I am in no way an expert?) that you push in with the little roller.

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you can do it like this. it has the same trim on both sides with the groove for the rubber stuff to hold it in.

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