Hardwood in Master; Rug under bed?

jaymieloAugust 7, 2008

This may seem like an odd question, but if you have hardwood floors in your master bedroom, did you put a rug under the bed? Either way, do you have problems with the furniture "sliding"? If you put a rug under a king size bed, how large would it need to be? It seems like a whole lot of rug for not a lot of visual interest? Really interested to hear what others think! TIA for your input.

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The only time I had a rug under the bed, it was a solid color rug. A bed is so heavy that any rug under it would not slide. Under a king size bed, I think you would probably need an 8x10, at the very least, and probably larger. But I think putting a beautiful patterned rug under a bed is a waste of a rug, since it just gets hidden. :)

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I have the same set up (hardwood, king size bed). We used to have a great big rug that was 10 x 13. Come to think of it, we had a queen size bed then, so lots of rug showed. With a king, I agree it is a waste of rug. Also, I hated how dusty it got under there. I find it easier to vacuum the wood under the bed, sans rug.

We currently have no rug (we don't live in a cold climate), but if we get one, I'll probably just put something narrow on each side of the bed.

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We have hardwood floors, and a queen size bed. I, too, prefer to have no rug under there to collect dust, this way I can see the dust bunnies on the wood floor and it's easier to keep clean. On each side of the bed I have small rubber-backed decorative rugs that I found in the decor area of Hancock Fabrics. They are only 28" X 48", just enough to have something soft under your feet when you step down from the bed. The rubber backing on them keeps them from sliding around on the floor. BTW, the dogs like them, too, because during the summer it gets too hot for them to enjoy their dog beds, and since they insist on sleeping either on the bed, or right next to it, they love having those little rugs to lay out on.


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We have wood in our bedroom (actually in all the rooms except bathrooms and kitchen). Although we only have a queen size bed, it's pretty much the same concept as a king. We have a 6'x 9' rug turned sideways under the foot of the bed. It sticks out about 3 feet around each side and about 3 feet past the end.

I figure that we really only walk near the lower and side parts of the bed, so that's the only parts where a rug would even be necessary. Plus, by turning it that direction, much more of the rug is visible, and I don't need as large of a rug.

It's not a solid-color rug (although it's only two colors - a gold pattern against a sage green background) and I think it's perfect. Enough of it is visible to make an impact, but it's subtle enough to still be somewhat calming.

And I agree with organic - the bed is heavy enough that the rug doesn't slide. The bed has casters, so I can move it if I need to, but it doesn't move around on its own.

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We don't have hardwood in our bedrooms, but some day when the rest of our home is finished and it's time to replace the carpet I want hardwood. When we do I'll do like Heidi and use smaller rugs on each side if any at all. We don't have a linen closet in our home so I have roll out containers to store those beds linens in and I'm thinking how much easier it will be to pull them out with hardwood floors than it is with carpet.

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For those of you with just hardwood, no rugs, do your beds slide on the hardwood at all? Did you put some of those plastic "coasters" or something under the bed to stop it from scratching? My children have an annoying habit of crawling up on our headboard and "cannonballing" onto the bed which causes it to move on the floor. (I know, I'm an awful mother and should just curtail the activity, but some days... well, like I said, awful mother)

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jaymielo - Try putting some of that rubber rug backing under the feet of your bed. Or, you can use the rubber drawer & cabinet shelf paper.

We recently bought a rug to go in our master bedroom. We have hardwood, and I tried the small rubber backed rugs (they were actually bathroom rugs) for either side of the bed. Not only did they look skimpy/tacky, but I was constantly tripping on them when getting into bed. I'm clumsy! Then I tried a runner, but they slipped all over the floor. Another problem was my bed stairs. I really needed to place them on a carpeted surface, because they also would slide. The smaller rugs were not large enough to hold the stairs, plus leave me room to place my feet in the mornings.

Below is our new rug. It is 8 x 11 for a king sized bed. Each side of the bed has a strip of 3'x 2' showing, and 4 1/2' show from out the end of the bed. (Please excuse the bedding, it has since been changed).

In my case, you enter the sleeping area of the master bedroom, via a hall that extends from the sleeping area to the bath. The hall is flanked by closets on either side. The hall has a matching runner to the rug, so you see the runner first, and then the larger rug.

Before rugs:


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newhomebuilder, Your room is absolutely lovely. Thank you so much for the pictures. It gives me a great idea of how big a rug I would need if I decide to go that route. The rug "backing" is also a wonderful idea. I have some of that packed in a box somewhere and will give it a try as soon as we move it! Thanks so much! jaymie

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I have a king sized bed on a hardwood floor. There's no slippage. I do have a small needlepoint rug next to my side. That's because I made the rug, and it represents many hours of visits to the orthodontist and winter swim practice. Only I get to walk on it!

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I NEVER use rubber backed rugs on my wood floors! There is non slip material (forget what it is called) designed to go under area rugs on hardwood floors.

"Be sure to avoid using rubber-backed or non-ventilated mats or rugs as they can damage your floor. Instead use mats or rugs made especially for hardwood floors and remember to shake them out regularly."

Here is a link that might be useful: hardwood care

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bmrbabe - The mats I was talking about are made especially for hardwood floors. They are really not rubber (I just called it that because it feels rubbery.) The mats are actually made of polyester. Same goes for the wood cabinet shelf protectors. :)

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We just had our carpet removed (allergies) and I can't see where having a rug wouldn't be the same. We have laminate wood planks and I love being able to run the vac or swiffer...don't use the swiffer sheets but a microfiber cloth.

NHB, what rugs do you find specially made for hardwood?

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??? Rugs? I don't have a specialty rug, only a pad. You can get them just about anywhere that sells rugs.

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I really like your bedroom you posted last year with the rug under it. Can I get more infromation about the rug ... that is the exact colors I am searching for. Your room is great.... even with the "bedding that is being replaced"

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