How to fill in chipped-away veneer

talley_sue_nycMay 16, 2009

I bought an incredibly beat-up dresser at a tag sale because it was a great, roomy size & proportion.

It had a crummy paint job to begin with, and my plan is to paint it. I'm in the process of sanding it smooth (some wood filler blotches, and paint blotches).

The biggest issue I'm wondering about is this: At the edges of most of the drawers, the original veneer has peeled / chipped away in ragged shapes.

The previous owners simply painted over it, and I was thinking of doing that too.

However, we want to decoupage a poster of Master Chief (from Halo 3--can you tell whose dresser this will be? my preteen son's) onto that center section where most of the chips are. And I thought it might be best to have as smooth a surface underneath him as I can (esp. near the edges of the drawers).

These peeled-away veneer spots are wide (some wider than others) and shallow.

How do you successfully fill something like that?

Wood putty? Spackle?

This dresser is in bad enough shape (the entire corner of one drawer is chewed away) that NOBODY is ever going to do anything but paint it, so beauty isn't important--just smoothness and lasting adhesion.

Any advice for filling them would be good. We can try to sand them flat, but that's not really going to give me a level surface; just less sharply defined dips.

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Glue down the loose edges then use Bondo on the voids. Sand to smooth when it's set up. You might need a couple of applications.

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On or close to edges, wood putty does not stick well. Unless you drill some small holes along the edge. Then force putty into the holes and smooth so the putty is above the surface. Then wait a couple days to allow the putty in the holes to harden, and gently sand smooth.

Always use primer under paint!

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Bobsmyuncle: Bondo Painter's Putty? Or All-Purpose?

(I've never used Bondo; the automotive versions sounds scary. This isn't as scary is it? Or is it essentially the same thing?)

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