Do exposed wires require conduit?

tomkellMarch 15, 2010

I would like to install a light switch in a utility area (i.e. exposed studs). Can I simply run an electrical wire to a switch box or is a conduit required since the insulated wire is exposed. (I was told the code requires conduit where the wires run down the surface of the concrete block wall.)

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Ron Natalie

As far as the NEC is concerned, NM cable is allowed to follow the building surface exposed as long as there's no chance of physical damage.

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Your local government can pass codes that are stricter than national standards though.

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Surface? That's news to me. You can follow along the top of rafters, the sides of studs, the bottoms of floor joists. But along a block wall you need conduit.

Easy way to find out - ask your inspector.

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"But along a block wall you need conduit."

Must be a local requirement.

The most the NEC would require is a piece of 1x beside the cable.

Or you could pull NM into the core of the blocks.

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