Old Motion Light Override?

grandmumMarch 21, 2012

I have a lantern type motion sensing light on an exterior wall that Icant figure out how to override it so it stays on or rather switches on an off like a standard light. With the light switch on it senses motion only. The "manual override" switch is set to on. Thats the only way i can get it to turn off an on with motion. If I swtich the override switch to off it does switch on and off at all.

Its about 25 years old, I wished I could provide a model/brand but its old and I have no idea. Was there a standard trick to get these to turn and off like a normal light or am I doomed to replace it?

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Every motion light starts with a conventional light fixture and adds the motion and light sensor. A competent electrician can safely disconnect the controls and the result will be just a regular fixture.

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Busdriver mentions added controls for the sensor.... when it comes down to it though, (ideally) there should only be 3 wires controling the fixture (hot,neutral,ground)and not an extra hot etc for the sensing controls. Just saying in case I just want to swap out the old fixture.

Still want to say there a standard trick to use it manually besides bypassing the controls. Like quickly turning the switch on and off in the right configuration.

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Some of the newer, more sophisticated controls might have a means of override similar. If you can get some sort of number off of the control or fixture and do a search you might hit the jackpot.

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