Thank you Chickadee2!

mtnrdredux_gwAugust 6, 2012

I love the Little Cod, and it will fit right into my firebox. Thank you so much, I would never have thought of that. I am meeting w my contractor tomorrow to make sure he thinks it'll be ok.

Did you choose a color?

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Great! I hope it works for you. I just got the plain black iron one with the glass front because I wanted to use a black stove pipe. I was also worried I'd chip the enamel and didn't want to worry about that. It comes with an oil to rub it down, and I can always paint it black if I need to. It's still sitting on the floor waiting to get hooked up. Let me know what your GC thinks. It's really hard to find a small stove that will service a small space without sending out too many BTU's. If you think you want one, order it soon because it takes at least 6 months or longer to get one. Andrew had a long waiting list when I ordered last year.

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That is exactly what I am looking at. Plain black iron w glass front. We are twins! I've been in touch w Andrew.

They are so beautiful. I love the look of the halibut, but it'd serve no purpose!

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I looked at chickadee's link in the other thread about flooring and immediately thought of how wonderful it would be to be able to heat water for tea or hot chocolate in a kettle on that stove in mtm's studio / guest room /retreat. The blue enamel one is so adorable it almost looks like a pet.

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Triplets. We have one on the boat. (DH knew that he had to install something to get me back onto the water.)

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