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benandsamAugust 16, 2012

We are adding a new family room and plan to use two oval windows, 24" x 36", with spiderweb or colonial grilles. We are using Marvin windows and we were quoted $10,000 for the two windows. That is much more than we can afford to pay. Any ideas where we can get a more affordable specialty window. We may be willing to change to a quarter round or even a round window. Thank you.

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Which Marvin window series?

In the ovals they typically only do those in the wood series.

Once you get into the shape windows, the window prices are relatively consistent based on the total square footage with a slight premium for the Ovals and other odd shapes.

That being said, that sounds like a huge price tag for two windows.

I have seen windows that were $5,000+ per unit but they were very exotic.

Have you considered a different material? Goodness knows that if you are just getting a white interior, your options are much larger and much cheaper.

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Check these guys out, it would be a little smaller than the size you mention but I think it would be doable and they are probably $1000 a piece at the most!

Here is a link that might be useful: Webb Windows - CW Ohio

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If you have the Marvin quote, see if a Direct Glaze (DG) or an In Sash window was quoted. The DG is much less expensive (still not cheap). Also, for those numbers you have probably been quoted SDL (simulated divided lites) so you might consider a removable grille. The SDL depending on the pattern with a number of radii lites can almost match the cost of the window itself. Good luck!

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I agree with eastbay, the SDL pattern is probably costing you quite a bit. Not only the number of lites, but with the spiderweb pattern, that is not a simple pattern. I do think I would shop around. Marvin is a great window, but they are real proud of them (as well they should be). There are good, and reasonably priced alternatives out there.

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