Hope Ribbon

katishookedSeptember 5, 2008

Finished this GOG today. Tried to get the fill in colors to show but couldn't get light right. The left side is dk blue and from the center to the far right is dk purple. Needs to be cleaned and grouted but wanted to get the pic posted.

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That is really pretty; as a survivor myself (almost 5 years now), I know the recipient of this will be so touched that you made this. It's a very emotional time, and this is such a nice thing for you to do for her. (I may be wrong, but I am assuming this is for the person you mentioned in your bb post?) The dark background really compliments the pink tile. Very pretty!

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Congrats to you Gcpommom!!
I like the colors you chose...it really sets off the pink and I like that it goes from one color to the next....like hope gets brighter or rosier or purplier or something...I know what I feel in my mind, can't convey it in the right words...but THIS IS GREAT!!!

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Gcpommom my mom is a survivor of breast cancer for 28 yrs so I know what it takes to get thru a trauma like this. Am so glad that you are with us today. Yes this is for the girl who's husband I work with. The BB i am doing for a stranger I have just met. Her mother has just been diagnosed and just started cemo. Thanks Cindiloo I think we both had the same thots about flowing from one color to the other. It's hard to explain the feeling I get when I finished this. It's different than when I finish other projects. Can't put it in words.

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Well m'lady. You really did a number on this one. Couldn't be more perfect in your color choices, placement, and especially sentiment. I applaud you. This is so beautiful in more ways than just the mosaic.

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