Willette Dining room set needs help, should I refinish?

Christie SantercangeloMay 17, 2011

Hello, I posted this on the decorating forum and was directed to the experts on this forum. I have an issue with a piece of furniture from my grandmother's house and figured I would ask the experts on how to try and resolve it. It's the Willette Lancaster County Maple set. My grandmother gave me her dining room table and 4 chairs. The problem is with the tabletop. Whatever she cleaned it with or how it was stored seems to have damaged the finish. I researched this manufacturer and seems they discourage refinishing it but not sure what else to do. I want to preserve it, if possible but it may be too far gone. It has spots all over it, they look like water spots that are not coming off. I haven't tried much other than murphys oil soap, which helped only a little bit. It's very dull looking in some areas but not others so it appears the finish has been worn off. Any suggestions? Thanks so much, I'm not sure how to proceed.

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I am always a supporter of "restoration" instead or "refinishing" If you strip a finish and apply a new finish etc it looks like a new table and ruins the wood's natural patina. This is what they mean by discouraging refinishing.

My suggestion would to research furniture restoration techniques to determine what your problem may be. It is probably a wax finish. There are many articles on repairing water damage on wax finishes.

You could also search for "furniture restoration or repair" in your area to consult a professional.

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