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DallasAuburnAugust 2, 2010

We are rebuilding an existing home in Dallas, TX.-- keeping the foundation and perimeter walls and going up. So, not sure if our new windows would be considered "remodel" or "new construction". I do not have the roll up of window sizes yet, but the number of windows we need is 29. Our budget is around 12.5k for windows -- is this a pittance? Our builder is pushing casement windows, and I really do not understand why. He says he likes the depth of casements (glass sits deeper within the wall) and he recommends SunShield (Don Young) that are made locally -- vinyl in and out, though he has also recommended Certainteed. I have a sample window at home (sunshield), and the only thing that stands out to me as a negative in terms of aesthetics is that the frame of the window is SIGNIFICANT (>2.5"). Perhaps this is just a byproduct of casements? However, I could be looking at a crap window and would not know.

From my searches on this forum, the review is mixed for Don Young and for Certainteed. Is there another window manufacturer in my area that might be comparable that I could compare that would meet my budget?

Also, I am trying to get a grasp of the range in prices in windows. What is considered cheap, moderate, expensive and outrageous? For us, windows make or break the exterior, so if we have the grow the budget moderately, we would probably do that.

Thank you for your insight.

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Your budget is going to force you into a low end window. That said, I would run from Certainteed windows as they certainly fit the profile of a low end window. They have very poor CS and there isn't any indication that the recent sale to MI is going to make much of an improvement at this time. IMO any builder who would recommend them is suspect. It's very likely he recommends them solely because his supplier carries them and he has an account there. No other reason I can think of to sell Certainteed windows.

I believe Simonton windows are available in Dallas. Much better window and top notch CS but you aren't going to find casements in a quality window for under $400 installed.

My understanding is Don young is a decent brand and I'd go with them over certainteed any day. I'm also guessing if you see an actual sample of Cetainteed casements they are about as thick in the frame as the DY.

Another brand I would look at is Softlite. I know a dealer for them in Dallas. If you want his name, let me know.

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Thanks so much for your reply. My buider has a reputation for quality work (he does A LOT of work in our neighborhood), but I think he relys too heavily on his trades for information without doing the research himself. We haven't started building yet, so ... I can't say from experience that he ISN'T suspect. Hummm. Maybe I should worry.
Just to be sure I understand: 27 windows @12.5k is $462 -- so we are above the $400 price point / window. I am struggling to understand how much more do I need to pay to get "really good" windows. 2X or more?
Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

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A tale of 2 seemingly equal warranties:

Certainteed-Seal failure (and there's a lot of them) customer files warranty claim. Certainteed honors warranty by shipping customer new IG unit..no sash 6 weeks after the claim is filed and approved. Customer has to find a glass shop and then pay glass shop to remove old IG unit and install new one and then install sash back into window frame.

Simonton-Seal failure (a few occasionaly nothing abnormal). Simonton honors warranty and ships entire new sash, 1 week after claim is filed, ready to install. Customer can pop out old and install new one in less than 10 seconds without assistance. Simonton even includes simple to follow instructions.

Sorry my math is off today. $462 isn't too bad for a double hung window assuming no grids. You may be able to get a casement for that. Are any of the openings double casements or are they all single?

Sorry, I'm a window dealer with a lot of experience with different windows and there is no way I would ever recommend a Certainteed window. Your builder may be good at certain tasks but, he has very little in depth knowledge of windows. Likely because after his 5 year new home warranty expires he doesn't hear about the sashes bowing of the high seal failures on Certainteed Windows as they age. Being a RE-modeler, we are the ones who get the calls to replace 5-10 year old Certainteed (and other brand)windows. Not saying all of them fail, just saying the incidence of bowing and seal failures are higher than average with Certainteed.

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Good info, skydawggy.

All the windows will probably be single casements. Also, that 462 does not include install. It sounds like we ought to be able to afford something better. I'm going to look into the simonton and the softlite.

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Also on Certainteed: They are the exact same window as the MI product. They just cost more for the Certainteed label. I am not sure what they do on the west coast.

For $462 you should be able to get a nice Marvin Integrity window. Take your prints to a Marvin dealer and see what they charge. Your builder could be putting a hefty markup on materials.

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I am near Kansas City. Discussing a new home build with a builder who likes vinyl windows. He says he's had a very good experience with Certainteed, though I think if I strongly suggest a different brand, he's likely to agree to use my preferred brand. I think for cost reasons, I won't push for wood clad windows; he is very leery of them because he's aware of examples of wood rotting. Suggestions for vinyl windows that are better than Certainteed & available in my area? Thanks.

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I would check out Hurd H3. It's extruded aluminum clad with a vinyl frame and wood interior. Hence the "3" in H3. I'm having them installed in my house and they are very nice. The 3' x 5' casements are just shy of $400 installed. I'm in Fort Worth if you want to see them installed in my house that's being built. I can also give your our window provider/installer if you're interested.

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I would steer very clear of Hurd. Good example of a low end window with a long history of problems and poor customer service. Did you bother to do any research on Hurd before purchasing them?

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