circuit breaker connection problem

mcmike4817March 28, 2010

I have a square D service panel. One of the circuit breakers won't stay connected to the metal tab in the service panel. I've tried several new breakers, but none of them will snap onto the metal tab and stay snapped. I don't know if that particular tab is bent or worn. There is a hex screw that holds the tab in place. None of the other breakers are having this problem and all spaces are occupied. What can I do to fix the problem?

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Replace the panel.

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Remove other breakers and look closely at all the tabs. See if there is a difference in the one tab vs. all the other ones.

Take pics or report back.

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If your panel is rated for twin breakers you could always put one in. Is this a Qo or homeline panel?

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Ron Natalie

Was this a tandem to begin with? Only certain (bottom) slots in the QO panels will accept them.

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