refinishing shelf - first time

jollyrdMay 24, 2010

Got this shelf couple years ago for FREE so I thought I will use it as my first project to try my skills at refinishing. Obviously had to strip the paint - layers of red, pink and white. Two years later, I still had to deal with wood stain. I gave it my best and alas, the wood under it is not anything spectacular, no grain to look at all. I primed it and will paint it. But I learned various techniques and most important - that I don't like detail work, those hangers are a pain to work with, and I will always have appreciation of good fine woodwork.

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One of the first things to learn about refinishing is..."is the piece worth your effort"...
This piece was not! LOL! You're took me a 4 drawer chest to discover what you have learned with one small shelf!
Linda C

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There is often a good reason pieces are painted -- boring wood underneath. Of course, sometimes you do get lucky.

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