katishookedSeptember 22, 2008

I have a question about the rock hard putty. I can not find the pavers used for painting paver critters. Would this be good enough to use for the pavers if I could get a mold of one somehow. You seem to have used this quite a bit so thot I'd ask. Thanks.


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No you would be better off using concreaq (ceament).You could use it for a mold .

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Brand name is probably "Water Putty"...yellowish beige powder you mix with water. Got mine at Home Depot. Hardens pretty quickly, but may be cost prohibitive for making an entire paver. Pave Stone is one of the largest mfgr of the keystone shaped pavers. Is there perhaps a big box type home center or a landscape/nursey supply close to you?


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We have Lowe's and HD. They don't carry these.

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