Please give me your comments on our proposed builtins

cookingrvcMay 26, 2010

I've posed this on other forums, but wanted to cover all bases by posting this here as well.

We have decided upon built-ins for our new family room and I'd like to get some opinions and suggestions.

Below is a scale drawing and a picture of our new space. I've also included an image from the web that we found very appealing which was the basis for the drawing.

I welcome any comments or suggestions for making this a standout. Thank you.


This is the drawing:

This is the new space (far wall with electronics connections)

Web Pic:

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If you're going to use a flat screen TV (with thin body style) your top section...where the TV belongs...should be built out from the wall so that the TV doesn't appear to be sitting in a huge hole.

Also, you might want to consider some hideaway doors that will allow you to conceal the TV if you wish to do that.

Also, the bottom section under the TV, in order to achieve the visual appeal of the magazine photo will need to be stepped out as well.

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A question would be the depth of the unit and if that will conform to it's intended use. Is the entire unit bookshelf depth? Or are the bottom cabinets deeper?

I also agree with machinery that breaking up a long run of cabinetry like that (breakfront) can make it more functional and more aesthetically pleasing. Either break the entire front or just the uppers.

Right now you have three upper shelf spaces in each of the side-flanking units...that's fine if it's intended, but a 12" tall book may look lost in a 16" tall shelf space. Not sure if those shelves are fixed or adjustable, or if you want those large spaces to display kitsch. Four spaces might be more proportional.

I do have a set of construction photos from a somewhat similar project...not exact, but modifications would be easy. Bottom cabinets are roughly 16" deep all the way across. The upper bookshelf units are roughly 12" deep, the center pushed all the way back to the wall and the sides pulled forward a couple of inches off the wall.

Birch plywood construction with poplar and MDF.

The toe kick space under the bottom cabinets was filled with pull out drawers.

The unit below is about 10' tall and 14' wide.

I'd rather see the subwoofer somewhere else besides a 3-sided cabinet.

Consider conduit for future-proofing needed cables. Or at least make provisions now for RG6, HDMI, electrics, ethernet, etc. If you have a basement you can easily bring the cable for the subwoofer up somewhere else in the room.

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Thanks so much for your input. We just finalized the design tonight after a few rounds.

The center section that houses the TV will project out 20" and the sides will come out 16". The upper shelves will have a depth of 12". We went for adjustable shelves and grommets on the counter top in the event we need access to the outlets contained in the cabinet. I decided against putting any outlets on the shelves.

We also decided to not put the sub-woofer in the cab, but instead will put it under a side table. The shelves will be wood, not glass.

There will be approx 1" space around the TV, with a shelf immediately above it. I am still not juiced about the space above the TV, which is 20" tall and 51" wide. The craftsman suggested building a little box-like thingy to house the center speaker above the TV - on the shelf above, so we can place something above it so there isnt so much dead, empty space.

We also decided that the center unit will have two centered doors with vertical open shelves on either side...otherwise I think there would be way to many doors without a break for the eye.

We discussed how the verticals will come top-to-bottom for the center unit, but will rest on the 'counter' for the sides and ends. The edges will be routed to match the routing done on the window trim, and the crown will match that of the crown on the support beam. The bottom molding will match the rooms molding.

The units will be sprayed BM's White Dove in an eggshell finish.

We are excited about the piece, which will be ready in approx 3 weeks!


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