a reapperance from a semi-stranger.........

seaglassicSeptember 16, 2008

I've been gone from here for sooooo long, totally buried in the kids coming back home from Ireland and enjoying the little girls, Katherine and Elizabeth...(love them to pieces!!!)

trying to be a good housekeeper (or poor excuse for one!)

and now, I have days of reading and checking the posts here, to try and catch up....

before I can do this, I have a very important question to ask...

has anyone used the thinset for a wall, all over it, rather than to do any patch repair, with the compound for nail holes?

I'm all ready to patch all inside a closet. where a whole clothes closet thing was in there and after taking it out, there are several places, where the paint came off, when removing the screws.

I was thinking about just doing the whole area with thin set and making swirls, with the flat trowel or whatever the name of that thing is.

not to mosaic it all, but more of a plan to get used to the feel and texture of the thinset, with that as an idea for other areas of a wall, if I get so inclined.

I have the large bag of it and can just mix it up but don't know if it's been a tried and true way of using it, in the house.

got my grubbies on now and just going to hold tight, till I get the go ahead or not to......

Becky .(*_*).

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Welcome back sea. Glad you got time with the family. Nothing like it. Don't have answer bout thinset tho. Readt to get back in it huh?

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No answer on the thinset, but I am SOOOOOO happy for you that the kids are back home! I'd love to see a picture!

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Hey Sea! Lucky you to have the kids!!! Sure! Try the thinset! Texture away!!! Sounds fun! Next we know, you'll be turning your whole place into "adobe" syle!!!hahaha!

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lol...well, yeah, that's sorta the idea..since my sweety is Hispanic, I think he would appreciate the effort.
I'll begin in the closet and later work my way into the room...every time we go to "Plaza Jalisco", I keep dreaming of having that same texture and color, in the house.

and yes...very lucky me, to have them all back.
it nearly broke my heart in half, to have them over there, with the sinking feeling it could be for years.
Luck was on my side..they only stayed for just shy of 6 months.
oh, gotta also mention that they know what the new baby will be.....
it's a 'he' baby......
his name will be Andrew and that was news just this past Friday....c-section in mid January. I'm hyped!


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Congrats Becky. I have 1 GD but I know that there is no other love in the world like the love for your grandbabies.

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Welcome back SEA: I've missed you. I'm so glad to know your family is back. Re thinset for inside, I wouldn't do that. IMO the joint compound is very nice - you can texture it also. Thinset is too grainy. There is another favorite of mine too - the water putty comes in a powder, and hardens quickly. Can sand and paint it. However, it hardens much faster than the joint compound. I used joint compound on my kitchen walls. It was originally paneling and was painted. I put a thin layer of the joint compound and texturized it, then faux painted it w/about three coats of two shades of pumpkin, mango, then the last layer of raw umber. All these were ragged on, and gives a very nice stucco-like wall texture. I think you'd be very disappointed if you use thinset.

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that's what I was hoping to hear...if it was maybe something I should do or reconsider..
and the mango/umber is just like the sound of the walls in the Mexi place we go on a regular basis..
thanks to all of your replies and well wishes for the family returning and the wall project.
I was going to be away from the house today but got Jayden...4 year old grandson, for the day...and I do believe we're headed to the store for a bucket of the compound..
thanks bunches...

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Glad to hear your family is all together and you get to enjoy the GKs! And congrats on the new GS to be!
Can't wait to see your walls...sounds like a fun project!

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Hey Becky, glad to hear you are well! congrats on the new GS to be! lol I agree with Slow, I use joint compound to do the fresco treatment to my LR, it turned out great

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not to mosaic it all,

and why not??? LOL! (Adding another great idea to the TBM list!)

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steps 1, 2, and 3 are done...

1 thought of the idea
2 took pictures of the closet
3 today, bought the patching compound and set of different sizes of spatulas....

now, this post is complete...next one will be with some
'bite' to it...
I got a 12 pound bucket of the stuff.. $4.98 for it,so much cheaper, by bulk. $1.98 for the set of 3 putty knives....

but one never knows where this small project may lead me...
I have these visions of using it to 'frost' pieces of wood, for making a base of something,...or to cover rocks, or glass or I have no idea what to use it for, other than what it's supposed to be used for...
fake tree branches, in the corner of a bedroom? for toy monkeys to hang from?
raised areas, with chicken wire, to create creatures on the walls and paint over it all?
I just better begin with patching the screw holes for now!

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