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EllaInspiredAugust 22, 2013

I recently got the brimnes bed from ikea, however once I put my pillow top mattress on it with the box spring, the headboard is hidden and it is too high to climb into. The frame has a metal support running through the center and four metal supports in each corner.

Can I rest my mattress on these metal supports with no box spring or slats?

Should i go get some plywood from home depot and cut it down to size, or make my own 2x4 slats?

I think the mattress has springs and supports in it and is self sufficient as a one piece without a box spring, but how can I check?

I don't have the room to take the bed apart until I figure this out, and I don't have the money to get the slats or board yet, but i need to sleep and cant get up there! I'm concerned the mattress might be too heavy for the frame with me and the boxspring.. even if i could get up there..?

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Ikea sells slatted bed bases to go with their beds. They're meant to support the mattress directly and eliminate the need for the box spring. I've linked to the nicest one, but I think there are three or four versions. Just search for "slatted bed base" on their site.

Here is a link that might be useful: IKEA slatted bed base

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I would get a sheet of plywood and cut it to size. We did this once with a platform bed that had slats and two of the slats broke, so replaced all of it with a sheet of plywood. It worked fine.

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My dd has a dble bed that was soooo comfortable but when we moved her up to the attic the box spring wouldn't fit up the stairs. We got a piece of plywood instead and her bed hasn't been nearly as comfortable since. I'm heading off to IKEA to see if the slatted version jakabedy linked will fit.

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just wanted to say thanks, jakabedy. Not sure if you were any help to the OP, but we just finished putting the IkEA bed base under my dd's mattress and it is much, much better. Just in time too because the plywood shifted in the night last night and fell off the frame - she slept half the night on a diagonal slope :-)

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That sounds really upsetting to have bought something but not being able to use it with immediate effect. Adding on to that, you might even have to fork out extra money in order to fix the problem. As a consumer, I feel your pain but so far I have never personally encountered any problems with Ikea products. You should consult the shop directly and see if their handymen could help with any physical adjustments at their costs, and not yours. Perhaps they could do something to the storage underneath or something.

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I have ikea brimnes, with slats, and a pillow top mattress, drawers underneath, bu it is also way too high. No box spring. I love the bed and the drawers and the storage headboard,but it is a foot too high.

Gives the phrase 'climbing into bed' a whole new meaning.

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