Simple Woodworking project: Mason Bee House

mkaugMay 6, 2011

I was interested by a tray style mason bee house I saw online. I decided to make my own. I took some photos of the experience and posted them online. A good way to increase the # of pollinators in your area. See link.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I wanted to say that these are solitary bees, are non-swarming gentle-natured pollinators, and good neighbors.
This is a pretty nice little project if you have a router table.

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Yes, thank you for mentioning that Casey. I forget that many people have not heard about solitary bees. Including the mason bee.

They are a native bee that does not sting. And on a bee to bee basis that are a much more effective pollinator then the honey bee. They require simple houses with much less effort then the honey bee. And they lead a interesting life cycle.

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