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musicteacherMay 5, 2013

I have an oak kitchen table that I finished 30 years ago with Zar tung oil. It was easy to apply (wipe on), resistant to everything but a rotting mini pumpkin, and I could just add a coat every few years to keep it up. Well way to many years have gone by and the finish has eroded in place. That on top of the pumpkin spot means I need to refinish. I want to only do that table top as the pedestal is fine, but because of the bare spots I guess I need to completely strip it. Will just sand paper do, or do I need to chemically strip and stain? I can't find Zar any more, any suggestions on an easy to apply coat that isn't too shiny? Thank you for your help.

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You can get Formby's tung oil, Minwax, and Watco's "danish oil" , etc.

they are tung oil based varnishes, easy to apply and can be recoated.

I'd just sand the top lightly - enough to get rid of the pumpkin stain - and apply several coats of a wipe-on oil finish.

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> they are tung oil based varnishes

They are either thinned (wiping) alkyd or polyurethane varnishes or oil-varnish blends.. Most likely linseed oil-based all.

To get rid of the pumpkin stain, you may need a wood bleach, either oxalic acid (most likely with oak due to its tannins) or A-B bleach.

Here is a link that might be useful: wood bleaches

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