Pot (s) WIP

flagtruckSeptember 5, 2008

This is something I started yesterday, I will try to keep you posted as these progress.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pot WIP

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Wow Do you follow a pattern or just go where the feeling takes you? I sure like this. Keep us posted.

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Love that copper paint! Very classic looking!

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I like the pattern and the copper paint really sets it off!!

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I just love that tile, it is such a delicate print! This is gonna be a beaut!

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There she goes again. BEAUTIFUL, FLAG! You sure can grind them out. Wish I had your stick-to-it-tivity.

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What color grout ya thinkin??? Lovely! I just bought an urn cuz ya inspired me!!!

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Beautiful Flag,like I say I wish I had half the get up and go you and slow have.So glad you found more tiles.It's gorgeous never heard of the paint??????Tell us about it.

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Annie- I got my paint from dickblick.com. Some of the gals here say WalMart has it now but I haven't checked. There are two brands that I have. Liquitex and Pebeo. The paint I have is for ceramic and porcelain, they also make some for glass. Paint with it then bake at 300 degrees for 15 minutes. These pots took up my whole oven one at a time. I love this stuff...very versatile. Check walmart for it.
Calam- I intend to grout with a terracotta with some copper acrylic added for sparkle or maybe terracotta with some glitter or something. I just want the copper look to it.
I finished one pot yesterday and will do the other one when my boxes get here from these great and generous people.

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Flag, you really made a beauty here. Love those colored plates and thrilled you could find more to finish . I've heard of liquitex but not pebeo, very interesting that you bake them in the oven. I can see someone's surprise, opening up the oven and seeing those pots. LOL.

The copper really sets the colors off. Great job and LOVE the idea of terracotta grout with copper sparkle,

Can't wait to see what you decide. Where you gonna keep these beauties??

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I don't know that I will keep them, I might just sell them.Thanks for the kudos.

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