Shelf standards and clips weight limits?

badgergrrlMay 9, 2011

I am going to build a cabinet for my kitchen that will go above the range / fridge. It'll be a very simple style as I want it to match the handmade (well, more like homemade) ones from the 50s or so that are currently there. I know it will be better than the HD special that the POs put up that looks ridiculous and doesn't use all the available space - which in our tiny kitchen is already at a premium. This will be my first attempt at building something from scratch, other than trim, so I would like to do it properly.

I plan to use 3/4" plywood, both for the boxes and the shelves. Ideally, I would like to standards and clips/brackets so that they can be adjustable, if needed. Is there a good rule of thumb for how much weight they can support over a given distance?

I would be fine putting in extra if it made it more solid, but I don't want to go overboard unnecessarily.

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Your limitation is the span. Typically about 36" for 3/4" material.

The KV standards/clips or the holes/pegs would be plenty strong. The material/span is the limitation, not the hardware.

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That's helpful. Thank you!

I was planning on doing split shelves anyway (the cabinet will be 66" wide, so a 33" span should be good then), that way, I could have more options.

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Do not count on putting anything heavy on a 33 inch wide 3/4 inch plywood shelf.

It will sag very quickly.

Adding some edging (even 1x2 in edge with a small rabbet for the plywood) will significantly stiffen the plywood shelf.

Do a search on 'sagulator' for a tool that estimates shelf sag as a function of span, width, and weight.

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