Marvin vs. Pella

bsrogersAugust 10, 2009

I just received a quote from the local Marvin dealer on a all wood insulated 36" X 29" awning window--no screen, no dividers, no brick mould, no frills--for use in my restoration and I was shocked @ $650.00 ea. I was recently quoted $346.00 for Pella's version of that window. I knew Marvin was more expensive than other brands, but can someone tell me what makes Marvin nearly twice the price of Pella? I can't understand how there can be that much difference in the two brands.

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I'm guessing the labor is the big difference. They should be comparable in price for the product. Perhaps the Marvin supplier is charging $350 labor and Pella for example might be charging $100 for labor.

If the prices you mentioned are for the window only, not with installation, then the Marvin dealer is overcharging you.

I've been handling windows for over 30 years and actually have both Marvin and Pella in my house. They're both good windows and for an awning that size they should be similar in price if you're comparing apples to apples.

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