No house wrap .... Window flashing?

mcornerAugust 25, 2009

I live in an "antique" house, 1790. Wood clapboard siding with board sheathing. There is no house wrap, tar paper, etc. etc. Just siding over boards.

I need to replace a couple of casement windows. What is the right way to flash them? Everything I have read (like this great FH article:

assumes the presence of housewrap to flash over. Does typar tape even stick to wood? Or should I just caulk the sides and top? What would the flashing even do on my house?

Also, what is your opinion of premade sill pans like Jamsill? The FH article uses a beveled piece of siding and flashes over that.


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Windows on Washington Ltd

Typar tape will not stick well to wood. A good flexible self sealing membrane tape will stick to wood.

Pre-made sill pans are nice but are typically used in new construction applications. How much of the siding will you be removing?

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Thanks, I think that is what I am looking for.

I would like to remove as little siding as possible. Obviously I will remove the outside trim, which should give me most of the room I need for the flashing. Worst, case I may have to sawzall a few nails to get the flashing to be wide enough.

So something like this:
should work well over wood.

I can use a beveled piece of siding instead and not caulk the bottom of the window.

Thanks again!

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