Matching Crown Molding installed from the 1980s HELP

kimmiebMay 27, 2010

I posted this in the remodel forum also but, thought I would give it a shot here. I need to find a match to this crown molding that is in my kitchen from the PO who built this addition in the 1980s. If anyone can help me source it, HD and Lowe's do not have it. I only need about 2 feet of it. I don't want to rip out the whole rooms molding to just finish off the small pieces I need from my kitchen remodel that I just did. Help. I can't truly finish this until I figure it out. Hope these pictures help and my friends on GW have some ideas for me.

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Looks like a pretty standard pattern.

Take the sample to a real lumber yard.

If they do not have it they can almost always order it.

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it looks to me like WM47, 4 5/8" crown.
If I'm wrong about the width, measure it for me and I'll find the "part number".

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This is the most common profile for crown. It will be available, just get the right height. I suggest a millwork lumber yard rather than a box store if you want to get primed real wood for a decent price.

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