Best Storm Window for old home?

sarahandbrayAugust 26, 2012

We are definitely keeping our original 19th c. windows but losing the silver 1950's storms with new storm windows.

I do not want wood for cost and maintenance reasons. What is the best aluminum storm out there for a reasonable price? Installed, I've had quotes ranging from $140-200.


Sarah from Albany, NY

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Allied storms, Mon-Ray , Harvey, Larson Gold Series ,Pro-Via. Availability, color,options and price may dictate what is the best option. Some brands offer a "flush" mounted storms others have many color options, ect. I would figure out what you need and see what is available and then look at them in person. By the time you do all that there may only may be one to consider.

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All the brands that Todd listed are proven and well regarded.

I have used one other manufacturer and found them to be a solid and surprisingly air tight.

Quanta Panel is the other brand I would check into.

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Thanks! I found a supplier/installer of Harvey and Larson but will have to hunt around for the others. What is the benefit of flush mount? And is $175ish reasonable for an install of a Harvey storm?

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Flush mounts are visually more pleasing to some.
Since the frame is flush with the casing it can also hide more flaws, cover up aluminum trim that does not reurn all the way to the blind stop. They can be made to fit tighter than pin-on style storms if the rails are ordered loose and long and custom fitted on site.They would also be slightly sturdier as well.
I do not know what Harvey's cost, pricing in your area, or size of windows .
That would be about normal for a 90 to 110 united inch Larson Gold or Allied storm, but low for a Monray.

Get some more bids on same product to get a bettr feel for price.

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