wood filler

hogan_njMay 21, 2012

I want to fill some recessed screw holes in cedar. I already stained it with a cedar stain. I went to home depot and bought an exterior wood filler,it was natural color. I thought I would just apply stain. Didn't work,it sticks out like a sore thumb.

They had other colors,everything except cedar. The others were either too dark or too light.

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Even patching compounds that "accept stain" never come out the same color as actual wood.

Cross grain plugs made from actual wood are about the least visible method.

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I agree....I am using #9- 3" exterior deck screws. What size counterbore bit would i need and what size plugs? Thanks

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Measur4e a head and go up to the next available size of plug.

While it is possible to make plugs, it chews up a lot of wood that needs to be pretty high grade.

The manufacturer's can use scraps they would otherwise pitch anyway.

1/16 increments are common, with the taper on the plug sides being about that amount.

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One last question....do they make a permanent marker for touch ups?Needs to be for outdoor.

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