Need Advice - Loewen, Weathershield, ?

nedclayhouseAugust 27, 2010

I am remodeling my house and have to place an order for 50 windows soon. I have my heart set on push out French casements. I want a wood interior (that I will probably paint) with a clad exterior. I live in the Pacific NW where it rains all the time.

My first choice is Loewen windows because they feel so good to me operating them. My house is fairly traditional and I like the Loewen look. Of course the bid came in 20% over my budget! They seem to have a very tight distribution and my contractor doesn't feel he can get a better price.

So my GC suggested Weathershield as an alternative. He has used Weathershield on a lot of his projects recently and has been very happy. Curiously the bid quote came in exactly on budget. The Loewen seem so much nicer to me especially the exterior mullion profile. The Weathershile exterior seemed a little shiny to me. Am I crazy?

Does anyone have any advice how to get a better price on the Loewen and/or a suggestion for another window manufacturer? I would really appreciate any help. Thanks.

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Yes, you could hire some illegal aliens from down at the local 7-11. They work cheap and are capable of installing any window for whatever price you want to pay.

Or you could cut your costs elsewhere or do withut something else until you could afford it, hire a professional installer who is experienced with the windows you are looking at. And realize that experienced professionals come at a price.

I doubt you would ask this same question on a medical site regarding a surgury.

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Wow - You misunderstood me. And I think you are being overly sensitive and mean spirited.

I wrote in looking for help pricing window packages and learning more about different window manufacturers. It had nothing to do with labor.

I recognize that professional experience comes at a cost that I am more than willing to pay. I also recognize that it is a tough economy out there for companies, mine included and I suspect yours. If I can learn where I can get a better product at a better price from friends on this forum, I appreciate the advice.

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No, actually I was having a bit of fun with your post while at the same time making a serious point. Sorry if you took it the wrong way. Loewen is a top quality window and if you have read these and other forums for a while, they are littered with people who start out with "I thought we were getting a good deal" or " it seemed the 2 were comparable, boy were we wrong".

You are talking Douglas Fir on the Loewen compared to pine with many other windows.

Since you failed to mention what price you have gotten, it's a little hard to discern what you consider a better price. The only other window I would consider would be Marvin but don't expect to get them cheap either. Have you tried the dealer locator on Loewens website?

Repeating my other suggestion, can't you make cuts in some other area of your project so you can afford to put a better window in? Perhaps use carpet in some of the rooms instead of hardwood floors and then replace the carpet later or something similar? You will always regret putting in a window that isn't what you really want and MAY join the chorus of unhappy Pella and Andesen buyers. Ask yourself which you will care more about in 5 years, the money you saved or that you got the right window?

I'd look at Marvin and Loewen and then decide between the two.

Here is a link that might be useful: Loewen

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Thanks for the information. No offense taken. The world is a bit raw these days.

I will get a bid from Marvin and look at some cost saving areas. You are right; I am in it for the long haul with the windows.

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