Child goes to father's for visitation dies (news story)

myfampgAugust 27, 2011

I read a disturbing news story today and wanted to share

A kid goes to visit dad and stepmom and is withheld water as a form of discipline. He died from severe dehydration. The grandma said he begged not to go visit dad because be was always mistreated but grandma has a court order that says he HAS to go to his dad's for visitation.

This is in an area (Dallas) where temperatures have been 108+ for nearly all of the summer.

Isn't it sad that he already didn't want to go because of how he was treated and he never made it home because of punishment. It just makes me sick!! How can people be so cruel?

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Often it seems, mean and stupid go hand and hand.
What a terrible tragedy...

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