Plygem 5000 ( premium series)

gwenrickAugust 15, 2013

Saw this window tonight and wasnt very impressed with it, seems a bit on the flimsy side. Also has a very high air leakage rate which is rather concerning.
Anyone know if Okna or soft lite are solid?

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Both Okna and Soft Lite are much better performers. In fact both of Okna's and soft lite's budget lines are better than plygem 5000. Plygem also use a
Tin plates spacer system calles intercept. Okna and soft lite use non metal spacer systems. Both also have very low air leakage numbers as well.

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There are several brands that will meet your performance requirements (i.e. being a solid extrusion and air tight).

Okna is one of them as is Soft-Lite, Sunrise, Slocumb, Affinity, etc.

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Not all Soft-Lites come with a non-metal spacer standard but it is an option on all.If you think the 5000 is flimsy I'd avoid the Soft-lite Barrington as well.

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