What kind of non-stained wood for mudroom lockers

ontariomomMay 10, 2014

Hi everyone,

We ware designing wood mudroom lockers. We live in Ontario, Canada so long snow season. We have four kids. Our plan was to choose a wood that was not too yellow (not pine), and can stand up to the wear and tear it will receive. We don't want to stain or paint the lockers as we think they would require re-painting and re-staining frequently. We would prefer to put another coat of varnish on from time to time as opposed to re-staining or re-painting. So the wood has to look good with just varnish.

Can you suggest a species of wood that would wear well and not yellow or get too orange over time (most of our colours are cool greys, blues, etc)?


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In my experience, adding paint is usually as easy, if not more so, than properly adding a coat of varnish---and if you are referring to polyurethane type varnish----paint is much easier.

Plus, if you were to use an alkyd paint(more water/moisture resistant than any varnish), the frequency of recoating is much longer, due to the durability of the paint.

Now, applying alkyd paint is more difficult---about half again as much as regular paint.

Advantages would far outweigh anything else for me---and I have used alkyd paint often for customers for bathroom wood cabinets I built or bought.

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Your information is very useful. We will take another look at paint options after reading your post.



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Look at pre-finished maple plywood to make them out of, like they use in better kitchen cabinets. The catalyzed finish they use is extremely tough.

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Thanks rwiegand for your help. Where would be the best place to purchase pre-finished maple plywood? I can't say I have seen it at our lumber yards, but will ask around. I have seen the plywood they use for the better quality boxes, but I don't recall seeing any that had a shine, protective finish, but it does sound ideal.


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I get mine from Boulter Plywood in Somerville, MA. Most hardwood lumber places I've been to seem to stock it, most will ship, truck freight isn't too expensive. Look under hardwood lumber in your local yellow pages, if such a thing still exists.

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