Mosaiced Path

texaswildSeptember 3, 2010

I managed to do about a third of this path, but my back gave out so I called in the big guns - my yard man and crew. The three of them finished in an hr/half what w/have taken me three/four more days to do. Phew - glad this is done. Still lots of planting to do in the area as soon as the fall shipments arrive.

Mosaic Path Around Birdbath

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Girl I just do not know how you do what you do !!! It is great!!!

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Its beautiful! what are you going to plant?

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Major coolness! Where do you get your energy from?

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Confession, ladies. I simply couldn't finish the path alone. I've overdone it AGAIN, and now have to do small stuff for awhile. Plants??? Still thinking, but w/move some Day Lilies around, Liriope (sp???) along both sides of the path, major change on house foundation beds, digging out the rest of the grass for planting, pulling out the Marigolds along front path to replace w/Pansies for winter - don't know yet. Sometimes I wish I could turn off this circus that DAISEYME said was in my head. Where is she, BTW???

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Just AWESOME SLOW! Good Job! LOVE the wrought iron fencing too! The top finials are SO You! I have been sooo busy doing other stuff/work etc, that I can't seem to find any time for me...sheesh! I so like the path, Klinger just made a bunch of steppingstones to go to her studio and they are so inspiring, along with your idea of the nice random bricks, is giving me an idea for my arbor/trellis path! I work till monday, so hoping to go like gangbusters then....just gotta get my slaves to LISTEN to how I want things seems to go thru their "Man Filters" and turn up differently than what I want!?!

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Oh Slow...........what a fantastic walk way. I really like the random spacing and different sizes. Another amazing project. The new fall beds will really put a finishing touch on it.

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Thanks, y'all. My student brought some Mums for the little fence area yesterday, so guess I'll be planting a bit today. CALAM: Tell KLINGER we'd sure enjoy pics of her steppers. She's been AWOL far toooooooo long.

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