Band Saw Review - Central Machinery

fred57May 5, 2008

I have a 14" Central Machinery Bandsaw that I think is a good value. It did vibrate when I first purchased it like all bandsaws do in this price range. Since I didn't want to spend the $1500 or more on a better quality unit, I decided to stabilize this one.

First and foremost is proper assembly of the saw. Everything comes from China these days so take the time to tune the flywheels, tires, blade, drive belts etc. If you slap it all together you will have problems with any saw.

Secondly, the vibration problem comes from having a 180 pound cast iron saw precariously mounted to a ten pound sheet metal stand. I did two things to minimize the vibration. I bolted a 4'x6' piece of ¾ inch plywood to the bottom of the stand this reduced most of the vibration because now I stand on the plywood while cutting!

Next I started taping bolts to the top flywheel in various locations. Much like the tire shop would balance the wheels on your truck. I could tell right away when the weights took it further out of balance. After an hour of tuning, I found the sweet spots and the vibration was almost gone. I did the same thing to the bottom flywheel and now the problem is resolved. I tack welded the bolts in place and now it cuts smooth as silk. Doesn't get any better for a $400 saw.

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I know of about 120 folks who bought that band saw for $169 three years---or four---ago during a sale.

They were much better back then.

Remember, HF stuff is merely a knock off of a real machine---made by a company that does testing and has parts and customer service.

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Sure it gets better. For $250 you could get an older Delta 14", have a better saw, be able to get parts when you need them, and get all your money back if you want to sell it. And the wheels will run true...

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