Too late for stain???

LybanMay 20, 2008

I have white cedar and some pine used in my outdoor window trim and sidelite. I have put on Cabots clear solutions in cedar color to protect the wood. The color came out too orangey and I would like to now add a stain on top. Is it too late to add stain on top of this clear solution which is a protector. Thanks for any help

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You should strip the finish if you don't like it. Put more stain on top of it and you will end up doing do twice as much stripping.

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Once the wood is sealed staining has a very limited effect. However if all you need is to kill the orange tint, you can give it another coat which has been tented with green (trans tint, etc.) and that will shift the color more to brown, killing the orange.

Experiment on a sample board until you get the tint right. You may need to add a touch of blue also.

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I add blue to kill orange...
But green is made of boue and yellow together...

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