Trim Routers...suggestions?

blueberrier1May 30, 2009

DH wants a trim router strictly assigned to one bit for rounding edges. Just now, it is a chore to remove his 'big' router from its table. A woodworking friend has a router for each of his "most used" bits...12 at last count! He claims to NEVER switch bits.

Seems like the hand held trim routers are a parallel to a kitchen hand mixer vs a stand mixer. Anyone with pros and cons from personal experience? DH favors a bargain Grizzly.

cella jane

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I like the Ridgid laminate trimmer. It's very nice, though not perfect (none of them are). I'm not aware of a Grizzly-like discount brand/model that's worth having.

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I'd get a medium-sized router with a decent sized baseplate (which lets out laminate trimmers). Just look for a good deal $$$. You want lightness primarily; a d-handle would be nice, making it like a plane.

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Bosch Colt or the Rigid trim router.

Actually, the smaller routers are better at rounding over than a larger model, IMHO.

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Bosch only ... The best tool

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch

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For years, I got by with one router, despite the flannel shirted guy on TV. I think 12 is really overdoing it unless you are using them an awful lot. If I regularly used a dovetail template (which I don't), I might consider a dedicated router or two for that, as it can be tough to get it zeroed in.

Then one year, I quickly went to 4 -- two full sized and two trim routers. I have a DeWalt that I normally keep a 1/8" roundover bit in, then happened into a cheap Hitachi that I use for other things. I have heard really good things about the Porter Cable 310 (now discontinued, but there might be a few left out there) and the Bosch Colt.

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Porter-Cable, Porter-Cable, Porter-Cable. You get what you pay for.

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Um, Porter Cable is now owned by DeWalt---which is now owned by Black and Decker.

I have a lot of PC tools---and love them. But, in todays market, you never know what you get.

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Just to clarify, Black & Decker bought Porter-Cable and Delta from Pentair in 2005. B&D bought the name DeWalt from a defunct company that made radial arm saws and in the early 1990's they repackaged their "industrial" line of power tools is spiffy yellow and black packaging. They were very careful to keep the B&D name out of the picture for fear that professionals wouldn't touch tools from the same company that made toasters and vacuum cleaners. Early DeWalt tools were identical to their B&D counterparts, just a different color. Somewhere along the line, B&D let their industrial line disappear completely along with Elu, a brand sold mostly in Europe. Now there's just DeWalt.

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DH bought the Grizzly due to a wood mag rating AND the visibility feature. He has trifocals, and every bit of clarity is necessary for him. Will report on his opinions. In his/our shop, he has tools by nearly all the names mentioned. I am still despondent that my over 15 year old B&D electric rechargeable light weigth drill died. All the newer models are much heavier. Thanks for all your input.

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