Thinset color help needed

daisymeSeptember 21, 2008

Iam using thinset for the first time to set the pieces on my decorative birdhouses for Christmas fairs. I previously used a very "thinset-like" premixed sanded grout which came in an antique white. I used this because I cannot grout over my wood and stone pieces and the grout often shows between pieces or when I attach wood. The antique white looked good. As I can't get the premixed grout anymore, I tried to mix my own grout, but the texture and hold was completely different than that I'd used. I then bought thinset and used it, but it is a medium to dark grey color which looks awful. I tried to mix in some brown, but that turned it purple.

Can anyone tell me if all thinset is grey? Is it ususally all the same color of grey or is some lighter? Is anyone good at color mixing to give me some suggestions on how to correct for the grey color if I'm stuck with it?

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Hi DAISY. All thinset is NOT just grey. I have some plain white that I got at Home Depot, and there were several other colors as I recall. The brand is Versabond.

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Thank you soooooo much, Ronnie. I will take a look for Verabond.

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Daisy you can coror it real easy also beings you are using it the way you are add some glue to it .

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