Got lucky today.....

gcpommomSeptember 5, 2008

Hi all

Went garage 'sailing' today, and found some cool stuff: a bunch of Pier 1 plates, mini terracotta chimneas (about 12" tall), a tempered glass tabletop, all for about $8. Woo hoo!

The chimneas (which have a black finish on them) were used with candles, and have some soot here and there; should I use vinegar to clean them, then prime before tiling?



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I think you are right on with the vinegar and water, or Dawn. Seal the inside with tilelab sealer and paint the outside with thinset prior to mosaicing. Love the plates, lucky you.

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I agree with cleaning the chimneas. I've made my share of mistakes and found out it pays off to prep you substrates before adding tiles etc. You had a good haul. Love both sets of blue plates. Yum yum. My sister and I are going to a neighborhood sale tomorrow. Hope I'm as lucky as you were today.

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Great score! Love the blues on those plates!

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litsapizza you have anything planned for the glass tabletop?

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Was thinking of using it for a crash glass project, then again, I could do a GOG tabletop or wall hanging. I have three projects going already, so it will be a bit before I have to decide!

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Great haul. Scrub the chimneas w/soap/water first. On my birdbath, I used Quickcrete masonry sealer b/f, but FLAG is more experienced than I on outside projects, so follow her advice.

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Oh, how fun is that? I love love love BLUE! Great haul. (smile)

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Ohhhh, those blue plates are Yummy!!! And I look forward to seeing what you do with that great pc o glass!!!

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