Refinishing 100year old int doors- help!

saintpflaMay 28, 2008

This is the first time I've done this, so please help me to not screw it up! :-)

I have stripped the layers (and I mean, layers...) of paint off of my old interior wood doors. My home is around 100years old so every type of paint since paint was invented is on the door.

Now that it is stripped, HOW do you get the paint that seeped into the pores of the wood, cracks, etc. removed?

The wood is gorgeous amber-red heart of pine. Too beautiful to repaint. I would like to stain and shellac the doors. I have heard that boiled linseed oil is another way to go, then shellac it - but, I don't know anything about that. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

So, removing every bit of paint is imperative. I have been using a paste paint stripper, a nylon scrub brush and a metal scraper (just for removing the lifted layers of paint).

What can I do to remove the seeped in paint? I 'think' some of it is surely lead-paint because some of it barely moves even with the chemical stripper.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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You are going to have use paint stripper, as well as dental picks or scrapers to remove the paint. A very tedious process.

To refinish the doors I would just use a couple coats of varnish.

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Hey!In my opinion you should definately preserve this wood!I'm from D.C. area and have worked with this wood extensively.There are many ways to remove paint,fill nail holes,cracks etc.These may be labor intensive,but not real difficult.Burn in sticks are the best solution.The wood may then be tinted(toned)to the exact coler you prefer.Stay away from shellac,it is to high gloss.It is a great sealer,before a laquer coat.Heart pine should have a satin finish on an old structure.There are some great catylized laquer finishes which can provide iron clad protection for your millwork.There is no more old growth longleaf heart pine forests in America that can be harvested.All the lumber comes from re-milled beams,or sunken logging timber.
I'm in Palm harbor.Pretty close,shoot me an e-mail,maybe i can look at it and help a bit.

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I don't have any advice, I'm reading for knowledge. But a picture might help the experts here.
What's the reason why sanding won't work?

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