A few of my 'catch-ups'

flagtruckSeptember 29, 2010

The bullrfog is my pride and joy, he was a broken bit of fiberglass frog that I rescued and dressed up. The purple red bowling ball has been a plan for mine for some time, finally done.

The birdbath fountain is a garage sale item Improved upon I hope. More coming down the pike, I am finishing stuff dailyl The weather is great here for grouting so I try to move along. I am ready for something new....lol like the back on my house. That will probably start next week.

Hope you like....I can't find a quitar or I would try one of those

Here is a link that might be useful: Catching up with you guys

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I love the frog and bowling ball! What a beautiful job you did on those 3D objects. I'm learning how hard it is to mosaic something that isn't flat. You do a beautiful job with it!

Did you find some of those fun shapes pre-cast or did you cut them yourself? I'm referring to some of the flowers and petals. I love them!

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Hey I love them all Love that fountain!!!!

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Was wondering what you've been doing, and why you were absent here. Love them all, especially the fountain. Now you have some 'splainin' to do. Did you make the frog from a bowling ball? If so, please explain. It's darlin'. Re the fountain - where's the pump, and from where does the water flow? Closeup??? Isn't this weather wonderful? Having company for two weeks and a student that refuses to graduate has set me back a bit.

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WOW! You've been busy. Love it all, especially that cute little bullfrog! Hey, let me know next time you go garage sale-ing - you definitely know how to find the bargains!!

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Lori- thanks for the kudos. The fun shapes are parts of a necklace I think came from a gs. The round stuff is fun, you just have to use smaller tiles.
Slow- The frog was a big fat resin frog probably from HL. He got his by the weedeater aand had a big hole in the front of him. I covered the hole with sticky drywall tape and started rebuilding his tummy and hands with thinset and then filed him smooth with a course emery board. Some of his pieces are still inside, thus the rattles when he is shaken. The fountain I will take a more detailed pic and splain. I will post later. Easy. Thanks Nana, always glad when you like something I do.

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Here are more explanatory pics of the fountain, Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: fountain pics

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How fun! The frog makes me smile, and the bowling ball inspires me. My husband has wanted a gazing ball for our yard for some time, but this would be a fun alternative. I'll have to keep my eyes open for a bowling ball at the estate sales we frequent. Thanks for sharing your pics! So fun!!!

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Thanks, FLAG - always admire your work. Wish I could go to some sales w/you. Never find interesting stuff when I used to go.

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I know, neither do I--though I confess, I don't do a whole lot of garage sales. I suffer from too much to do and too little time!

Thanks for the info Flag, and look forward to seeing more!

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Wow, not only do I love your frog and fountain, but your gardens and ponds are amazing!! Sooo many cool things to look at. I've realized that I NEED a totem in my garden, and your pool noodle spacers are genius! So tell me...did you apply the thinset directly on the noodle, or does the noodle need some prep work first? Unfortunately, it is practically winter here (possible snow flurries tonight *cry*) but I figure I can work on the components inside and hopefully have a lovely totem come May :)

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Sheryll, I don't know where you live, but snow flurries sounds ominus. It is 56 here and I'm loving it. I cut the noodles to what ever length, (not too long to bend) and then mixed a slurry of thinset and coated them.After they dried I did two more coats, then used thinset to set the tess in place. After grouting they are sturdy as can be. I have several more ready to do and keep adding leftovers to one now a few at a time. they are fun to make and you can drill and use almost anything.
I'm glsd you like the gardens and pond, they are my pride and joy. You are welcome to come on down and stay warm here in Texas for awhile.

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Carol, thanks for the details. I was awake half the night thinking about things I could use for molds for the other shapes, but maybe I'll use styrofoam for them, too - would certainly cut down on the weight! Thankfully the snow never materialized the other night, or if it did it was melted by the time I got up (I'm in NW Ontario, about 6 hours N of Minneapolis) I would love to stay warm in Texas in the winters...maybe when I retire!

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I thought I had posted in here, but now I don't see it. So anyway, cool stuff! and thanks for the info on how to do some of it. I'm loving our weather (central Texas) and have been working outside a lot.

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