Sears window replacement

lemonspiceAugust 11, 2006

I have 21 windows and a sliding glass door that I have been wanting to replace with vinyl windows. I have had 3 different estimates so far, none of them over $8,400.

I decided to call Sears to see what they had to offer. The consultant came out and after measuring my windows gave me an estimate of $21,714. I asked him what are your windows made of?

Seriously, I was extremely surprised at the price, he told me that Sears manufactures it's own window. I thought it would therefore be a little more reasonable. Has anyone dealt with the Sears window? How do they compare to other vinyl replacement windows?

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

Wow. For the Sears price, you can get quality aluminum clad wood windows, prefinished and installed!


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Sears does NOT manufacture their own windows.

Sears is a middle-man who makes a very nice profit selling windows and then subbing out the installation to others.

You can buy the exact window that Sears sells for 1/2 or 1/3 of what Sears charges - as you have already seen.

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We need 5 windows in all replaced one of them right away due to our kithchen reno. $4,500. they wanted. To say I was shocked is an understatement. I asked how much for just the kitchen window to be replaced (the window is about 3ft sq) $1,000. I almost felt angry.

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You're right, the consultant told me that Sears manufactures it's own window but, I have now found out that information is not true.
I guess honesty is not their strong point. The consultant also told me that they have they're own employee contractors and do not sub out. I don't believe that one either.

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I know exactly how you feel. I e-mailed Sears after the consultant left and told them their prices were ridiculous. I still haven't recieved a reply.
I guess they haven't heard about competitive pricing.

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Most of Sears windows are made by Simonton. The window is almost the exact same thing sold by Home Depot. Simonton has made their windows for quite some time now. Since Sears rolls so much volume through Simonton they get their own hardware with the Sears logo. These windows are really over priced and in most cases are installed by sub-standard installers. You will do much better by shopping around for a better deal.

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Thanks guy,
After researching on the internet I found information stating Simonton windows were what Sears installs. I don't appreciate the consultant lying to me.
I am in the process of getting more bids.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

An honest consultant would have stated that the windows are "private label" for Sears.

Sears is overpriced. People buy overpriced products from Sears because they trust the Sears brand name and years in business. Not to mention, the in-home sales folks use "high pressure" tactics. Most operations like that will also bargain down the installer which ends up in a poor or improper installation.

Here's a tip. Contact a quality window fabricator that ships to your area. Ask them for a referral to a professional window team that offers their product at a fair price. Your job is to interview that team, review their credentials, view their work, and ASK for a fair price.


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I have continued to get bids and think I have finally found the right team. It happened to be the local lumber company and they seem to have the best prices and are knowledgeable about the windows and installation. Thankyou for your suggestions!

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I had someone from Sears come out last week to give me an estimate. When he first came in he told me there would be no high pressure sales tactics. So then after a loooong presentation, he gave me a quote of about $14,000 for 16 windows. He then went on to tell me that he could give me a special 10% off "Today only!" price. When I told him it was still too much, he asked me how much I'd be willing to pay, and then proceeded to play games with the numbers to try to make it sound like it wasn't that much more. It took me another ten minutes to get him to leave.

Needless to say, but I'm saying it anyway, I won't be buying my windows from Sears.

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LOL!! The Sears consultant that came to my house stayed for an hour and a half, I finally told him I had company coming in twenty minutes and thankfully he left.
Is this a torture tactic they use?

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He was at my house for almost 2 hours. Yes, it's some kind of torture/interrogation technique where they try to break you down. I think they actually learn their techniques from the CIA. Or maybe it's the other way around.

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Thanks for the warnings! I don't have 2 hours to waste trying to get rid of a salesman.

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I wish I read this two days ago. Sears came out to price out cabinet refacing (I did not like any of the styles so no quote) but the guy mentioned he did windows so I asked for a quick quote on two windows...THREE AND A HALF HOURS LATER I was temped to call SEARS and tell them I will NEVER buy ANYTHING from them again. The guy was rude and just so pushy. Asking me things like how much my house cost and trying to plot me against my husband (who was working upstairs and trying to avoid him lol) "so if it was your decision would you go with SEARS?"

YES SEARS IS AWFUL! and overpriced 4K for two windows...I got another quote for 1/3 that.

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"Very bad" experience. Improperly installed windows resulting in over $2,000.00 in damages.

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I recently have gotten a Sears and Home Depot quote. Sears one is $1000 more on six windows
I can't find specs on Weatherbeater(Simonton) but can find Farley(Home Depot) specs.
Is there any information avaialble that could justify the added expense?

I have heard that Simonton are good quality, but are they that much better than a Farley product?

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Check out the Simonton Reflections 5500 and the Simonton Impressions 9800. Can't help you with the Farleys, never seen one.

Have you checked NFRC, AAMA, and Efficient Windows Collabrative for the Farleys?

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We were extremely pleased with every aspect of our Sears window replacement. Two bids were higher and three were lower but it's the peace of mind we were willing to pay a little extra for. Too many of our (retired) friends have told us horror stories of dealing with local contractors - service after the sale, and other assorted problems. Our utilities are now MUCH lower. We were also offered a ten percent discount but we regarded it as a small incentive due to fact they no longer drive from each store. No different than the incentives airlines give to buy tickets in advance or movie theatres discount the afternoon shows. Just smart business - we felt no pressure. Home Depots window was similar but only slightly less money and their rep acted annoyed with our questions...

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We've been really happy with the windows we got from Sears. They were like $900 a window... We looked at a bunch of different windows and found the quality comparable with the Pella 800 series ($1750 a window) and Andersen Renewal ($1700-1800 a window) lines.

We were originally hoping to do the job for like $400 a window, but the $150 windows at home depot (+250 installation) looked really crappy and most didn't come in custom sizes. They were lightly constructed and the wood was so soft you could dent them with the tip of your thumb. Some had latches that took a gouge out of the window if you opened it with the latch in the wrong position and some of the latches were already broken or flaking paint on the display models.

What home depot or lowes does is bids out a contract and says hey, we want windows and we're willing to pay $100 each for them. The window companies then go try to figure out a way to make a window for 100 bucks, which inevitably means using some really flimsy materials and cutting corners on quality control. As much as we wished they were, the home depot and lowes windows are nowhere near the same quality as the Pella 800 series, Andersen Renewal or Sears. Some are made by the same manufacturers, but they are in my opinion, the Yugo of the window industry.

Every single time I have put something in my house that seemed like a steal at 1/2 or 1/4 the price of the good stuff I have regretted it later.

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Guy, we looked at quite a few different brands and price ranges all the way from a few hundred bucks a window up to $1800 each, and I can tell you first hand that there is no conspiracy going on with the Sears window.

Windows are just like anything else in life. The Kia dealer will tell you that his car is just as good as any Toyota and it only costs half as much, and I once had a furniture dealer tell me that the only difference between his brand of sofa for $300 and the one across the street for $1500 was the name. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although I do acknowledge that there are folks who honestly believe that a Kia is a wonderful vehicle and just as good as a Toyota, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near them when they get in an accident, because the thing is probably going to get crushed. There are companies that promote their products based on quality and there are companies that promote their products based on price. The ones boasting the lower price always want to tell you that their product is just as good as any of the others, but c'mon... people are smarter than that.

You can have it done fast, you can have it done well, you can have it done cheap. Pick 2.

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I think Jason was referring to the AC window HD sells for $150.


Guy is correct that the Sears window is made by Simonton and is virtually the exact same window we install for about $400 per window less than you paid for the same window from Sears (sorry to have to be the one to break the news to you). I also don't understand where you got the figures of $1750 for the Pella 800 or $1700-$1800 for the Andersen Renewal. Nor do I understand why you are comparing vinyl to wood windows.

You don't work for Sears do you? I only ask because your post has false information in it that Sears uses in their "pitch".


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True, but in this case Guy is 100% correct. The only difference between the Sears window and the Simonton window is the sticker. Same vinyl, same glass, same balance, same parts, same factory etc. I can call my cat a parrot, but it's still a cat.

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I did not realize earlier that you are both working for a company that sells windows... Now I understand what you are trying to do, and would not expect you to have anything good to say about a brand that you don't carry.

We did our research, got a fair price and are very happy with the windows we got for our money. Consumer reports lists the average window job as $8000 ( We paid a little bit less than that and got some really nice windows. I am sure you will continue to argue that your brand is just as good for half of the average price (if it was you'd be ones of the richest guys in the world), or that an average house has 20 windows or something silly like that, but as I said earlier I find that very hard to believe.

I would not expect you as a window company professional to have anything good to say about a competitors product, but I was talking about my own personal experience with Sears windows, and when you hijack the thread into an advertisement for your own business that is both unwelcome and unprofessional.

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No, actually we are agreeing with you that the Sears window is a good window because it's made by Simonton and is the same window we sell, it's just that I sell it for about 1/2 of what you sell it for but for some reason, that escapes you. I agree with Consumer Reports that the average window job is about $8000. It's just that the average number of window in a house is around 20 windows and we do many homes that have 35 to 50 windows. A quick search of this site will tell you that we also say good things about other window brands. It will also reveal that neither Guy nor myself ever solicit business here so we have no motivation other than to tell the truth and give our honest opinions and evaluations of windows. I would challenge you to even find out the name of my company since you have accused me of promoting it here.

Guy has posted here for a long time and has gained the respect and credibility of many people who read this site including me. He not only has a vast knowledge of the window industry but is a very experienced installer and owner of his own company. You would do well to sit back, be quiet, and read and learn from him, Grasshopper.


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My apologies if I jumped to any conclusions...

How much would you usually charge for a 46"X46" Simonton 9800 in dark woodgrain with the 1" super spacer option? (including installation).

Home Deopot might just have some cheaper stuff in my area. All they had was jeld wen, and the low level pella and andersen models. Maybe the simonton was one of the white vinyl windows without any name on it? Whosever it was I was not impressed with it.. The latches were flimsy and paint was scraping off of it just from opening and closing it. There is more than a little bit of difference in any of those companies top of the line product and what the box stores have on display.

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HD only sells the Simonton 6500 through "In-Home Services" on an installed basis. So odds are you didn't see it in the store, unless they were doing a special promotion.

I don't have my price book in front of me but the 9800 with Pro Solar Glass with SS would be about $550-$575. I think woodgrain would be another $60-$80.

The Reflections 5500 would be around $500 plus the upgrade for woodgrain

You could even upgrade to the 9800 with triple pane/krypton for about $650.

We include with that lifetime installation, labor for repairs and glass breakage. And best of all, you don't have to sit through a "high pressure sales pitch" with multiple discounts and phony calls to the "Manager"

Don't get me wrong there are other fine windows out there in the same price range as we charge for the Simontons. For $900 or less, you could get a triple pane Schuco (I don't sell Schuco, FWIW) which is among the very best vinyl windows out there.


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I guess my theory on keeping my first answer clean & simple didn't work well. Jason, I made my first answer short & sweet because I didn't want you to think I was bashing your windows. Believe me, I know where these threads go when things get biased. Skydawggy and I are only here to help consumers get the education they need to make a good logical decision on their needs. We aren't here to promote our businesses or throw darts at anyones selection. We just want to help others learn properly. Your post was very mis-leading and could have been taken wrong by others.

Home Depots cheaper windows are pretty much all Andersen related. The cheap vinyl products are made by Andersen's Silverline manufacturer. The better of the two is the Silverline model and the cheap flimsy one is Silverline's American Craftsman window. I would assume you looked at the Pella window when you were at Lowes.

Sorry you felt we were attacking you. I never wanted it to go that route and I know Skydawggy wasn't going there. We both know where these can go when every body gets on a roll.

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Wow, what a bunch of whiners (not all of you).
I'll correct a few things so people that want some real education can read logic.
When you go buy a BMW do you compare prices with a Toyota Celica? No.
Sears uses a window from Simonton that is elusively made for Sears. It is a great window.
Anyone here even mention the Warranty you get with the Sears window?? A LIFETIME transferable 30 year warranty. They also give a 3 year installation warranty...which no contractor will ever give you. A contractor will only give you a one year warranty and only because it's the law.
There is no middleman. You deal with Sears directly. And every installer is background checked, drug tested and has to have been in business for at least five years. Let alone Sears carries their own insurance and workman comp.
Sears also has you sign a Lien Waiver. That's right, you don't have to worry about Sears not paying for materials or not paying their employees (like contractors do). It wont come back to bite you in the ass. They also don't charge you a dime till the job is done.
You get what you pay for.
Replacing your old wood window with a quality $300.00 window....laugh my ass off. Have fun making a cosmetic change. Because that's all you're getting.
And they (Sears) is not even the most expensive....people are cheap and don't know quality (general statement).

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"And they (Sears)are not even the most expensive....people are cheap and don't know quality (general statement)."

Do some research on Home Depot and the problems they have had with their installers not having insurance.

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joshh how long have you been selling for Sears?

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Call Sears if you want to know what the equivalent job would cost with another installer. Divide their price by 2. That's what I found with vinyl siding and cabinet refacing. Do they live up to their warranty? I don't know I'm just asking. They certainly collect up front enough to pay for the job twice, that has been my experience

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Needwindows, how long have you needed windows??:D

Contest it or move on....I know you can contest it so you know what you need to do.

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I have 16 windows 72 x 43, and 2 transoms 51x12 and one transom 61x12. I'm retired, will be in this home maybe another 5 yrs. Don't need a Rolls Royce nor a Kia. Sears estimate was $1220 per window and $1800 for the transoms. Three windows need some wood replacement/ Sears said $975 to fix it. Totaled about $23000. Seems exorbitant. Any suggestions are appreciated. No way I'll spend that much. Had figured close to $10,000 maybe.

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As previously noted, if you like the Sears window but not the price, you can purchase the "exact same window" thru a Simonton dealer for near the price you have in mind. Ask to see either the Reflections 5500 series or the Prism Platinum. If you are willing to pay a little more, you can purchase the Simonton Impressions 9800 series.

Simonton gives a transferable lifetime window warranty, and most dealers will give you at least 3-5 years on labor. Some might give you even better than that.

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I think people shop at least 3 places before buying windows.

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Simonton has a great feature to find dealers on their website. Just put in your zip code and up pops dealers names.

Here is a link that might be useful: Simonton Web Site - where to buy

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Sammy_2009 I see you just joined the board, welcome!

I am glad you got a decent price/bid from Sears odd though that the sales person can't price match on the spot. I went to the link you gave to see how one would order and see no mechanism for the ordering of windows, the closet I see is just a link to ask Sears to come to someones house to make a bid.

I looked for warranty information and all they promise is to honor the manufacturer's warranty (I guess this proves they don't make their own windows) and what appears to be a 1 year on installation/workmanship.

From what I read the Sears window if priced competitively and installed right is a good buy, good luck with your purchase.

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Sammy...thank you for the late night laugh.

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Okay here is the deal I got from Sears. Did I get a good deal? I have 6 openings for windows, two are 108 inches x 60 inches and two that are 70" x 58", which I chose the slider windows. The others are double hund and one window has an arch at the top. My quote is $5,959 with $400 cash back after istallation. Did I get a good deal?

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No, you didn't get a good deal. A good deal would have been around $4000 or less.

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Really 4000 less skydoggy c'mon.

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no a total of $4000 or less not $4000 less

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I said $4000 OR less NOT $4000 less.

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I had 9 windows replaced by searsapprox. 3 years ago. 2 of the 3 casement windows have not operated correctly since installation. I had the service crews back 6 times...still not operating ( cannot open to allow air in). these windows are GARBAGE, never again would I buy or recommend
SEARS windows!!!

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We have used Sears 3 times now to replace all the windows in our house in stages, the last time being Dec, 2010. From the beginning the sales rep that came to our home, Willie Stewart, became a good friend. Yes, he took a long time, but found us exactly what we wanted. We received a sale discount and also tax credits and a guarantee. The same installer came out all three times and was meticulous in the process and extremely competent. We feel it was worth any extra amount to have the superior service from Sears, and would not hesitate to call them again for any home improvement project.

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Sears windows are overpriced junk. We have only had our windows for 2 years, and I have never been able to open them properly. They were never insulated correctly, so they leak air worse than our old windows. Never again would we purchase from Sears!

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Actually Sears Windows from 2 years ago were not junk. They were made by Simonton back then and although not the highest performing window available, they are far from junk. I believe your problem is very likely due to a poor installation. Take a tape measure and measure across the top horizonally, then the middle and then the bottom. If all the measurements aren't the same, then they probably over-tightened the jamb adjusters or the screws. These could possibly be re-adjusted by a competent installer. If you find someone willing to fix them for you, ask that individual if they can spray low expanding foam such as Hilti around the perimeter to give you a better seal.

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Let me inform you how terrible Sear is. I�m currently in Afghanistan contracting, I contacted Sears to do an estimate on 3 windows (one is a bay window) its Sears so yes I expected a big price but I never got one... They canceled the first appointment and said I must be there; after they knew and I told them that my 39 year old girl friend was there to help take the estimate. With their lame excuse why they missed the last appointment; they rescheduled for the next day. I again told them I was here and my girl was there, I said she can and will not make a decision to buy or not to buy, but only to get the price and let me know... They confirmed the appointment but did not show up... I was pissed, after reading the post here I realized that Sears did not want to come knowing they could not make a sale that same day as I was not there... Needless to say I was going to buy the windows no matter the cost, there loss�.

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I just wanted to say, we bought our windows maybe six years ago, it was a high pressure sales job, but we were interested. I was not happy with one local quote from largest installer in town, aluminum, clad vinyl, but not quality you could tell.. I realized at the time I thought we were paying way up there for thirty seven windows. However we had not spared expenses on the entire remodel, and was believing what were told about Sears making their own windows. Lifetime warranty, etc...didn't realize may not have been true until a year or so later when we tried to figure out how to get a screen replaced. Wasn't easy, still not replaced a couple years later. However been really happy with our VERY expensive, "not" Sears windows. I called Sears today because we are adding onto house, wanted windows to match, not huge #, so I hoped a little less money, but matching the Sears windows was important. The Sears person I talked to told me the sales office we bought our windows from was no longer here, and no other associated with Sears was around. To my surprise, the person on the phone told me my Sears windows were Simonton, and I could contact them or Home Depot for the same windows. From Sears mouth, naysayers, corporate service line, not subcontractor. So, I've been looking for my "build on' windows, but do not know which model might match my double hung vinyl "sears" windows. I want very similar tan vinyl double hung windows ,in ElPaso TX. Summers very hot, lots of sun, but not many of the new ones will be exposed, as I have designed with that in mind. Don't believe we will be using HD installers, but would let them quote, but I would Check them out thoroughly. Didn't do with sears as I thought we were dealing with company until the installer told he was independent. Honestly if I could find him, I'd use him. Superior work on a pretty difficult job. So no complaints other than lying sales rep, he had a good product, I overpaid, that was my choice at the time. So I stand by my decision. I am a big boy, and could have shopped more, but liked the product. So I paid the price they asked. And, I called them back, knowing I would.d not get same liar as sales rep. My question for forum, where best to look assuming no local Simonton rep, besides HD? Maybe (a local) installer is here and I can find them with guidance as to who to buy from and what product to match if not Sears.?? Next question, we bought a repo cabin in Cloudcroft, (mountains) fairly cold part of year, never hot , or almost never above 75. More interested in protection from expensive heating costs by using good (Triple pain help that much, or not??). We will be doing complete remodel and grade on windows, doors, and insuation. Will be resheetrocking. Doing almost 100% of that job ourselves, likely installing windows also. Son will help that is contractor. I will be doing most of supervision with son consulting. I have a couple of handymen that are capable,( we just built our first pool!). Pool company consulted from afar for most of project. Went fine other than getting their parts to us, such as automatic cover. My questions are two, what windows for cold area would be best if I am happy with Simonton, not gong to pay more than I did with sears, rather pay less, but want quality windows and installer, ,...? If its us, ill live with our work, but it will be good, too picky to do otherwise. Last question, not exactly window related. I was planning to furr out the cinder block walls dowmtrairs . Would like to do less than a four inch furrout?, but have need for insulation more than space. With
Resheetrocking entire cabins, ceilings also, I need product that might be thinner than three inches, what may be best for vapor barrier, because don't think it has one? And I will genererlly be looking for super insul#tion values in not a lot of space to furr out.
So, Guy, and Shaggy, help me with my way too long questions please, company, window product, how to save money if insall? If i built a complex swiming pool, can I Install my own windows? Probably so?? But interested in your advice. And finally how to handle the furr out, and need for saving on my energy costs. Will be doing bathrooms, showers, kitchens, ectrical, AND sliding door and regular doors times two.
Lots of deck replacing,has a beautiful view, just needed TLC that it didn't get. It sold for 230k n 2007. 2400 sqi. Ft., we bought for 101,000_ was repo the folks tore up, and created an opportunity for us. We think can do remodel for forty with doing all our own work.' Maybe fifty if we have to build new cabinets.all throughout. Roof and walls and subfloors and beautiful lot are the positives, the rest needs work. We are excited. . We think value could approach 300 if we do all that is necessary. Small enough cabin to do a show piece wirhouit breaking the bank. We are gluttons for punishment and no where near as inexperienced as it might sound. Full remodels on six-7 houses in last dozen years, but I can see you guys knowledge' and I like to learn. Thanks for helping people with your experience and knowledge, Guy and Shaggy. Kevin h. Sending me texts is effective contact at 915-526-2385, but realize the nature of forum.

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This is a very old post Kevin, you'll probably get a better response by posting a new thread.
If you like the simonton window, contact them directly for referrals on your area.

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