Yes, another mirror (WIP)

texasfernSeptember 10, 2009

This is the last one of those wall plant holder thingys I got at GW a while back.

I'm gonig for a "shabby chic" kinda thing. Between this and the crash glass, I like the cg better, but hey! What the heck.

I am planning to grout in a royal blue.

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Very nice! Love the china, some people aren't fans of shabby chic, but I love it! Blue grout eh, I'm never that brave, black or white for me! Looking forward to seeing it finished.

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Beautiful. This is going to be a beauty when you get it done. Can't wait to see it.


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You Go Girl! That is really gonna be pretty with the blue grout too. TFS

Donna in Florida

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Texas....It's going to be stunning. I have never seen "gems" that color and they match perfectly with the plates. I love how you cut the plates...I am learning so much just by looking at photos. My husband has a tile cutting saw and I am going to try to use that to cut some plates since I can't buy a ring saw right now. I notice that you glued right onto the MDF. Have you ever had problems with silicone sticking to that background? I bought a kit and used the GEII silicone instead of the glue they included but until I grouted, it seemed a little "wiggly"..(professional grouting I hope you will include photos once the blue grout is on...should look amazing.

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Thanks ya'll.
I changed it up a bit, will post pics later.
Squirelly, I'm not a big fan of shabby chic for myself, but I like to do it. I think what appeals to me is the "puzzle" feel of it.
Gardencrone, I used Weldbond as adhiesive. The substrate (oh, how technical of me!) is wood. I tend to do direct, screw-it-up-as-you-go-method.
Not long ago someone posted a pic of colored grout, if you can remember please let me know.
I have colored before with acrylic paints, but I want a deeper, richer color for this.
I will buy it if I have too, so suggestions will be appreciated.

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I love that color. I am the same way, I don't decorate with shabby chic but I love to do it! How funny. Can't wait to see what it looks like grouted.

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