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harry_wildAugust 12, 2014

I wanted to know how much more difficult it is to replace existing windows in a stucco home with new construction windows. The reason I want to do that is the bottom sills are rotting out since they were made of pine.

How much more time on the average; would new construction windows take vs. replacement windows where they just use the existing framing of the window? For example I like to get a reply such as: "it would take one hour more time to install a new construction window."

Most windows contractors want to talk you into their replacement line of windows. None will do new construction windows - even if you tell them the bottom sill is rotted. They say they will fix it!

Do I have to look for any particular windows type contractors to do the project or can I do it myself?

I watched a couple homes where new construction windows were being installed and it took them about 20 minutes to do a 5' X 5' window. It was only two people and one worked on the outside. This included the insulation; slimming and nailing and screwing and placing the window panels back in.

One thing I not sure of is how do I handle the weather stripping around the top of the window? Do I try to tuck it inside the existing space or do I cut it off?

I think of installing the Marvin Ultimate glide windows!


Found out that I would have to do way to much work to do new construction windows on existing stucco! I looking at replacing the sills or repairing the sills with bond. Yes bond. Then using a good replacement window.

Learn from other posts on the internet.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

If you want to go new construction on existing stucco, that is a complicated install and not for the faint of heart of drive by DIY'er.

As long as you are comfortable with that and the fabrication of flashing details (sill pan flashing, drip cap/z-bar, etc.) than you should be fine and it is the more comprehensive installation.

You want to post up some pictures and the first thing you have to do is select your window.

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You need to find an actual contractor/builder to do it not just a window installer. Some times the best way to install a window that has stucco is to put trim in place were the old stucco was removed and doing only the smallest amount of stucco patch. Find a window dealer and say you want new construction windows, have them connect you with a contractor that they do business with regularly.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I am weighing the opinions but am leaning towards repairing/replacing the stills and stools that are no good and going with replacement windows for now!

But I still gathering info on it! But I saw some Youtube videos and they had the stucco ripped about 5 inches around the window opening and after it was installed; you still have to patch the stucco. That not the way I wanted to do it! Better to just replace or repair the damage window framing and do the replacement window. I can do that myself too! I may schedule it for next Spring/Summer as my next major project!

Plus, I can do shopping during the winter and hunt for the best prices too! Not sure about my bay windows however! I have to check how to do the replacement windows for that but I sure it pretty much the same as the regular windows.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

There are ways to more surgically cut back the stucco and not require a patch.

The method that is shown on Youtube is a bit like taking a machete to a hangnail if you as me.

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Found out to my shock that I have a frame (brick molding) around my windows already and so I can use new construction windows by removing the brick molding and inserting the nailing fin inside the molding area and install back the brick molding. LOL!

Very nice indeed!

Yes! Don't have to remove any stucco! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any comment would be appreciated.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Well, you saved yourself some time there.

Remove the brickmouldings, remove the flanged unit, prep and clean the openings, install a sill pan or otherwise create a bevel in the rough opening, flash the sill, back caulk the nailing flange, set the unit, shim/square/level/plumb, flash the jambs and head, install drip cap at window head between stucco and trim, install new PVC brickmould, surgically caulk between stucco and brickmould....

Have ice tea and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Post pictures and add me to your Christmas Card list.

FYI...I spelled Brickmold as Brickmould because I was feeling British this AM!!

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The more research I do on this; the more confident I get that it is a pretty easy project. I may need an assistant on some bigger size windows but for the 4 X 6 feet size it a piece of cake to do!

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