Has Anybody had to do this to their Pella clad windows?

bob44August 19, 2012

I have 16 Pella clad casement windows and one Pella clad sliding Patio door. I now have interior wood sill damage from a leaking Pella clad casement window. The interior wood sill will have to be replaced at a great expense to me. Then stained and top finished, hopefully matching the adjacent wood. In addition to paying top dollar for these windows when purchased, I am now saddled with more expensive problems. I have purchased 4 new casement sash from Pella. I have painted the edges, stained and top coated the interior wood of the new sash. I have replaced two new sash of the four that I purchased. I have the mini-blinds between the glass on these 16 casement windows and sliding patio door. After the two new sash were installed by me, everything was working properly. I reinstalled the mini blinds to the new sash. I then went inside to put the original interior glass panel back into the new sash. VERY much to my surprise, only one interior glass panel fit properly into the new sash. After checking, I have found that three of the four new sash were made differently, not allowing the push attachments of the interior glass panel to engage in the oval plastic slot. The top and bottom engagement of the push levers were fine and fit properly. The 8 positions, 4 left, 4 right will not engage into the oval plastic inserts for the interior glass panel to be secured to the window sash. Called Pella, answer was "That's how they make them now". WTH. My options were to buy NEW interior glass panels. Since I have mini blinds, they would have to add a extra charge to put a hole in the lower right corner for the mini-blind operator. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the existing interior glass panels that I have. Not wanting to buy new glass panels, With a hole, my last option was to remove and replaced the oval plastic inserts with new longer inserts.

The the new inserts need to be about 3/8" longer than the presents inserts. Called Pella, they sent a combination of two sizes of inserts to be installed. Has anyone installed these plastic inserts successfully????

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Today I have successfully installed new plastic inserts for the interior glass panels. The setup and removing the old plastic inserts was the most time consuming event. All is good now, until more windows deteriorate. Have a Great one.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Good to know that they were able to be retrofitted.

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