buy precut plywood/particleboard circles, 18'' or 24''?

talley_sue_nycMay 5, 2008

I spoke to folks at a couple of Home Depots in the Midwest who say they don't carry precut circles of plywood or particleboard anymore; they used to, in 18" and 24" sizes, but they said the didn't sell enough, so they stopped.

I'm doing a magazine article in which it would be really nice to be able to tell readers how to get 18" or 24" circles of ply or PB.

(I know a body can cut them w/ a jigsaw and the right jig, but I want to be able, if possible, to save readers the trouble of finding a woodworker or of doing it themselves--it's not a handyman magazine, it's aimed at an ordinary consumer)

If there is a mail-order source for such a thing, it would be useful to give it as a possible source, as well as to tell them about using squares instead, or finding a woodworker w/ a jigsaw.

I couldn't find big ply/PB circles at Rockler; is there some other source?

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I'm a little mystified. What are these plywood circles used for?

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one person used them for a tabletop

someone else used them to cover something.

another person used them to make a lazy Susan

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Okay, so various purposes. It doesn't surprise me that it's hard to find a vendor that mass-produces them since there's no particular reason for them to exist. Cutting a standard sheet of plywood into circular pieces would leave a supplier with a lot of scrap to be disposed of and a product that may or may not be useful to someone because it's designed for nothing in particular.

Anyhow, good luck.

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