How to clean hinge dust off woodwork/doors?

2ajsmamaMay 12, 2010

I've got lovely black oily dust from my cheap hinges all over my doors and casings. Some are finished with poly, others are unfinished. What can I use to clean the black marks off without damaging the poly finish? What about the unstained pine? I'm starting cleaning the hinges (need recommendations for that too) and pins on the finished doors one at a time, in place, and using white lithium grease. I'll do the unfinished doors one at a time as I finish them.

Damp cloth doesn't quite get everything off (esp. in grooves) of the finished doors.


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If the wood is smooth, use a magic eraser, if not so smooth, use a microfiber. My preferred cleaner would be Dirtex.

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Liquid dish soap and water, mix just like you were doing dishes. That will work just fine on the poly. It will also work on the unfinished stuff, maybe with a toothbrush to get in cervices. That will raise the grain on the unfinished wood, however.

You might try paint thinner on the unfinished wood. That can still raise the grain, but should do so less.

Sanding will restore the surfaces. 150 grit with a hand sanding block.

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