Marvin Integrity all ultrex vs Anderson 100

silverbullet007August 9, 2012

I have been researching windows and have pretty much decided on the Marvin Integrity all ultrex with the LOW E 366. We will be replacing about 30 windows, full frame replacement

I took a look,at the Anderson 100 and they look pretty decent. The low e smart sun glass looks nice and the u factor and the SHGC both beat Marvin.

The Marvin windows has the jam extension which is nice and the Anderson does not.

The Anderson quote came in 5000 less then Marvin.

Are the Marvin's Truely a better window and am I better to stay with the Marvin?

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Shgc is largely dependent on where you are located. Lower (numerically) is better in a hot climate like the southwest, while a higher or at least moderate shgc would better serve you in a more mixed or cool climate such as the midwest or northeast.
Those ratings will vary based on the glass package selected.

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Yes the Integrity by Marvin are truly a much better window unit than the 100 series Andersen. 100 Series Andersen are low end builders grade windows. U factor and SHGC are more the results of the glass being used and really do nothing to help determine the quality if a window. Look at air infiltration numbers and just general product reviews and you will see they really do not compare, quality wise.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

+1 to Millworkman's feedback.

Not a fair comparison for the Andersen at all in this case.

You would really need to go up to a 400 series for similar performance.

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Thanks millworkman. I have been trying to decipher the numbers. The only negitive numbers I'm seeing "I think" are on the DP Rating. It looks like Anderson 100 casements are PG30 and Marvin All Ultra casement are DP 40. The other numbers seem to compare about the same. Am I reading them correctly?

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Look at the warranties as well.

The Ultrex material is far more proven than fibrex.

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I am looking at windows for a new construction...I am on a budget and want something that is a step up from "builder grade" windows I am interested in the anderson 100 series so I am wondering what you mean when you say Ultrex is far more proven? from my research it looks like Ultrex and Fibrex are both been around for about 15-20 yrs, I'm I missing something or have they had a lot of problems with fibrex?

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Andersen 100 series is "builders grade" NOT a step up from. Ultrex is a more proven and better, more stable product. True they have been around approximately that length of time but Ultrex is a pultruded fiberglass and that material and process is a proven winner. Where Fibrex is recycled wood fiber and thermoplastic polymers and I believe the jury is still out, I am not a fan of Fibrex mainly because of what it is made of.

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I'm interested in which window you decided to go with. (We're in the decision process right now.)

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Going by the numbers every thing is pretty close. The air infiltration numbers on the Anderson are pretty decent at 0.023,Marrvin's number are a bit higher I believe.Warranties look like a wash. The Anderson is new but looks like a nice product for the casements. Product reviews on the Marvin's are all over the place and the 100 series is to new to find many.I think they are both builder grade windows, I like the looks of the 100 series casements better and at a $5000 difference I would say the 100 series is a no brainer.

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I worked for Andersen when this window was in development. I was told at the time that it would not be sold in the North East as it was not designed for that climate. Sure enough it has started to pop up in this area. I have not seen the casement but just today a did a hands on with the 100 series double hung for the first time. I would say that it is the worst window i have ever seen. I lwould not put it in my home if it was given to me for free. I can only assume the casement is a similar quality. The pultruded fiberglass of the Integrity might be the best window material on the market right now. If the extra $5000 is not a killer for you i would go with the Integrity. Or you could go with a 200 series which will price somewhere in between.

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The Marvin Integrity wood/ultrex is a very nice choice if you desire a real wood interior. I prefer a premium vinyl product over the all ultrex. On Andersen, they make some nice products, but I am not a fan of the fibrex material in general.

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Depending on where you live you should consider that the thermal expansion coefficient of vinyl is higher than fiberglass. This means that if the ambient temperature varies considerable the vinyl windows may eventually leak.

Installation is just as important a consideration as the windows themselves. I am also researching this. My friend, a polymer engineer, has given me names of people to talk to about installation. If I learn anything useful I will post.

The rec so far has been marvin over Anderson

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Windows on Washington Ltd


How much more to vinyl windows expand than fiberglass?

Are you a contractor or a consumer?

Your contention that the vinyl windows will leak is completely incorrect as is your inference about the thermal expansion being an issue.

I am not a vinyl windows apologist but facts are facts. Please support your statements with evidence if you are going to post up a detail that is damning to every vinyl window on the market.

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Windows on Washington Ltd


You registered the same day that you posted that comment. Is that a coincidence?

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This is all I have to say about that!!!

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