tile house, new mexico

kraftkrazySeptember 13, 2010

i was looking at this show on pbs called rare visions and road revelations,, or something like that,,and they showed this house....dont know how many of you have seen this,, but it was interesting...the lady started tiling her house,,pretty much covered the whole thing, inside and out,, she moved on to another location and her daughter has taken over this house


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LOL I came over here to post this because the first person I thought of when I saw the ladies was Slow!

Heres a click able link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tile house

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W.O.W.!!!!! I can't imagine why you thought of me, WACKY, but thanks! Her work is sooooooo perfect and professional. Probably has lots of help too. W/love to be young again to spend my whole life mosaicing instead of the last few years. Man, what a joy - to be able to cover one's house in mosaic.

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Are you kidding me? all your mosaics in your house and lovely gardens? and you could whip out one of those mexican ladies in a heartbeat with the rianna method, and ooo-you could have her holding a birdbath on her head....totally right up your alley and with your fabulous style-they would beat hers by a mile!

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funny you should say that because when i saw it the first person i thought of was Slow too....and i imagined her making one of the ladies,,, maybe not as big,, but i think one would look loverly in her queendom

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I love this house and have to admit it also reminded me of Slow's place. I really like those garden ladies, think I need one of those in my garden,

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Well good grief!!!!!! Thanks, y'all. Y'all have more confidence in me than I do. Gonna think on these things!!! KLINGER - remember the couple the artist made in that little village near PV - Buceriasa? That's more in line w/the size I'd really like to build. Here's a link. Er, uh, for those who don't know, the black eye was from a fall just b/f we boarded the bus.

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Those figures were sooo amazing eh Slow?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Slow Ive been meaning to ask you-How do you find out about the workshops and stuff in PV?

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Well, when you put "slowmedown" right in your name....hehe.

Seriously, though, did you click on her commissioned work? Absolutely amazing! It kills me that some of the designs are so simple yet elegant. I'm the type of person, I can master the craft with enough practice and studying, but I don't think I've got the natural eye for art that comes out in many of those pieces, for example. Do you think there's a difference between an artist and a crafts person? I tend to think so, and put myself in the latter.

(Wow, how did I take that so far off topic??)

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LORI: My daughter was talking to one of her friends who thought her work wasn't art. She asked her if she'd ever sold a piece. When her friend replied "yes", my DD said, then you're an artist. Her friend then said she couldn't call her work room a studio. My daughter then replied - is that room where all your equipment and supplies are stored. To her reply of "yes", my daughter then said that she could call it her studio. It made her friend feel more confident in her work. I was always a crafts person, and still find it hard to call myself an artist, so I just do what I like to do, and when I sell something, it makes me happy that someone likes my work enough to pay money for it. I recently sold a mirror - to my student. She likes it so much that she made another one by the same design, changing only the colors. When my friends and people who see my house and work call me an artist, I laughingly reply - artist wannabe or faux artist. The tile house lady is very talented, to be sure, but I don't even aspire to reach her level of notoriety. I have found comfort in my style of art, and have no desire to change my style to match the particular style of famous artists. I know my limitations, and am content with my interpretation of my inspirations. Hope this helps answer your questions.

WACKY: Here's a link to the Hacienda - click on "workshops" to see next year's schedule. I soooooo wish you'd come join me in February when Riana is there. I'm not taking a workshop cuz there's none that interests me. I'm going just to mosaic a piece that Riana left year b/f last. I'll spend the whole week on the compound cuz I've seen enough of the city, don't need to shop and just want to mosaic and hang out w/my friends Sam and Riana. GEESH - this is toooooooo long.
Hacienda Mosaico

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